14 Best Things To Do In Hong Kong

    things to do in hong kong
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    Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, a metropolis that’s home to over 9 million individuals. As a global hub, a lot of men and women see it as only a small town. What they don’t see is there are lots of things to do in Hong Kong. Today I’m here to discover some Vital things to do in Hong Kong:

    List Of Things To Do In Hong Kong

    Eat Egg Waffles

     egg waffles is a Hong Kong creation consisting of waffles created in the form of bubbles as in Japan. A mixture of egg whites, flour, milk, and sugar, there are many distinct flavors to pick from. My personal favorites are the sweet potato, green tea, and chocolate chip types.

    Eat Dim Sum

    Dim Sum is among the most featured restaurants in Hong Kong, consisting of several small dishes which people order for breakfast or lunch to share. The most conventional Chinese restaurants will market Dim Sum in pushcarts, though many have converted to the use of an ordering slide. 

    to get some delicious dinner or brunch. Some of my favorites are pork buns, sponge cake, and Sai Mai. If you want something nice and inexpensive, I recommend visiting Tim Ho Wan at Sham Shui Po. Another alternative is taking a Dim Sum food tour with a local guide.

    Go Hiking

    It may surprise you to hear hiking is among the best things to do in Hong Kong, but it’s filled with hiking trails and state parks. In reality, many of those hiking trails offer spectacular views of Hong Kong that you’d be silly to miss. If you want something easy, subsequently Dragon’s Back is for you.

    If you want to have the best view, then do not miss Kowloon Peak. To get a bit of both, head to Devil’s Peak. I go hiking weekly if I could.

    Ride on the Mid-Level Escalator

    The best outdoor covered escalator in Central takes you in the company district up through the lively SoHo and can be a tourist attraction in its own right. It goes past a lot of attractions also, skirting alongside the rock slab street of Pottinger Street in addition to gorgeous street arts.

    visiting hong kong

    Take a Boat Trip From Sai Kung

     excursion from Sai Kung, things to do in Hong Kong? By getting a chartered vessel for a day of pleasure on the sea into jump on a ship for 20 minutes to visit a nearby island, then you are spoiled for choice in Sai Kung. Using a geopark, you may go to plenty of beaches. It is the perfect summer hideout. If you are lucky, there continue to be the odd warm days in winter.

    Visit the Regional Trade

    It isn’t a suitable visit to Hong Kong without some shopping. When there are many malls where you’ll find the normal high street stalls, I like to look in the local markets. From flower markets to bird markets into just good old fashioned wet niches, you can find a real regional vibe from them. My personal favorite is the Fa Yuen Street Market in which

     a number of Hong Kong’s best local markets? Have a look at this small-group tour led by Danny, a local tour guide who takes you through a few of the greatest markets in Hong Kong, including the Flower Market and Temple Street Night Market.

    Stop by The Peak

     using the stunning view it provides in addition to the cable car that goes up. While it’s overcrowded most of the time, I believe it’s a must-see if you haven’t been there whatsoever.  together with Victoria Harbour and the Kowloon Peninsula clearly observable.

    Go to  Temples

     devoted to the numerous Buddhist and Taoist gods that you are able to visit. One of the most popular ones is Man Mo Temple at located along the coast or concealed in the hills, such as the Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery. You may be hard-pressed to see them all, but at least go to one! things to do in Hong Kong.

    Take the Star Ferry

    The Hong Kong Star Ferry joins Central to Tsim Sha Tsui and can be rated among the best ten ferry rides on the planet. don’t have any reason not to take it! things to do in Hong Kong.

    Beach Exploration

     amazing beaches in Hong Kong and the neighboring islands. In case you are looking for huge waves to browse, a secluded location for camping, or a relaxing place for sunbathing, there are various beaches to select from.

    Popular shores

    Watching Symphony Of Lights

    Assessing the Symphony of Lights Worlds Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show is unquestionably among the best things to do in Hong Kong. A synchronized display of colorful lights could be observed reaching the sky out of the skyscrapers.

    The light series, together with music & narration, portrays the diversity of Hong Kong through its own five distinct themes.

    Junk Boat  created for leisure, is also one of the very best fun things to do in Hong Kong. These boat rides offer you splendid views of the skyline of Hong Kong & the gorgeous waters, dining options, and even bar facilities. The prices, however, vary with the amenities and the suppliers of the Junk boat.

    Ocean Park And Disneyland

    Children, grandparents, or amorous couples no traveler would want to overlook Disneyland. The colorful & musical shows and also the favorite Disney characters walking at the subject park make it the things to do in Hong Kong.

    Likewise, educational displays, interactive displays, and thrill rides of the Ocean World shouldn’t be overlooked. An entire Hong Kong Ocean Park & Disneyland tour package may be booked in advance to avoid the hassle of buying tickets later.


    A sightseeing excursion of the tourist places in Hong Kong shouldn’t be missed. There are museums, temples, and other prominent points of tourist interest that reflect the culture and the heritage of this

    Additional Hong Kong points of attraction:

    Tamar Park Picnic

    This lush-green park is located between Victoria Harbor and Admiraltys Jungle. This is a vast park where you could find locals in addition to tourist picnicking.

    Facing this park are the offices of the Central Government and Legislative Council, while Victoria Harbor makes for its breathtaking backdrop.  can come here if it things to do in Hong Kong.


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