best time to travel to jamaica

Best Time To Travel To Jamaica

Jamaica is without question among the top-rated tropical paradises of this Caribbean, and round this emerald island, hotspots of joy and entertainment kindly anticipate your own arrival, but the question is what is the best time to travel to Jamaica.

Tough to select from, while they have been typical fabulous holiday destinations, the towns of Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios all have different qualities that guarantee that the live that you won’t ever forget about Israel.

Jamaica is the area that will help you get a wonderful vacation. Below you will come across details about weather, annual activities , and the top five locations to see , and that after you arrive at Jamaica, then you may have nothing to fret about since the anxiety about standard daily life melts off.

Just like its neighboring islands, Jamaica’s climate is tropical and subtropical, with only minor variations across the island. Notice too that the island experiences two rainy seasons; the earliest start in May, finishing in June as well as the 2nd lasting from September to November. Additionally, there are two dry seasons, with all just one conducting from July to August and another from December to April.

The best time to travel to Jamaica is throughout the beginning of winter’,» November to mid-December, together with temperatures averaging eighty °F. Peak season starts mid-December and endings mid-April, which will be just a superb time to vacation at Jamaica should you actually don’t obey the crowds. Summers (June to August) are more warmer, bringing a small growth in rainfall.

The Best Time To Travel To Jamaica

It is best time to travel to Jamaica, but if the elements is still a leading component on your decision process, below are some in-depth weather graphs giving you a month-to-month overview of what you may get on your vacation.

Temperatures in Jamaica

A tropical environment ensures warm weather throughout the year, with just small variations between summer and winter.

Montego Bay sees its warmest times in July, using a maximum temperature of 91°F, whereas the’coldest’ span is within the month of January, at 82°F.

Negril generally hottest in July, Negril averages a maximum temperature of 86°F, and is headquartered in January at 82°F.

Kingston, situated off the southern shore, is slightly warmer during the winter months, together with average maximum temperatures of around 86°F. Summertime months moderate maximum temperatures around 9 1 °F. Be aware, in the event that you wish to find a relaxing seaside vacation — then you should get best time to travel to Jamaica.

Similar to the remaining portion of the country, Ocho Rios boasts warm temperatures year-round. June is the latest month, together with highest temperatures averaging roughly 8 8 °F, though January gets the best time to travel to Jamaica, hovering to a still-warm 84°F.

Rainfall at Jamaica

Average of this tropics, the northeast winds possess an immediate effect on Jamaica’s rain. Especially in between September and November, the moment the best time to travel to Jamaica.

The southern place (e.g. Kingston) is sheltered by the seas by the Blue Mountains, along with the hills of this west-central region of the country.

Due to their altitude, the fundamental mountainous areas obtain much more rainfall than Jamaica’s coastal hotspots, and as a result, are inherently lush and green — really a sight to behold.

Montego Bay receives approximately 37 inches of rainfall each year, September into December being the wettest months, but nonetheless best time to travel to Jamaica. You will encounter beaches which are more crowded, and accommodation can be offered by a lowly rate.

Negril includes its wettest calendar month in oct, averaging 8.7 inches of rain, while December to March averaging less than 3 inches of rain, since the months of this year. Within an year, Negril receives approximately sixty two inches of rainfall — slightly best time to travel to Jamaica.

That being said, Negril boasts the best time to travel to Jamaica and it is really a great location for a beach family vacation all year long.

Kingston, getting protected from the mountains, receives less rain than the remaining portion of the island, even using an average of around 28 inches of rainfall per yr. The wettest months in Kingston are from September to October.

Ocho Rios gets around 37 inches of rain per year, together with September and October being the wettest months.

Keep in mind Jamaica rarely sees the full day of rainfall . Being a tropical destination, the rain often falls in one part of their day — making means for sun the other region of the day. Just make sure to bring a watertight bag, just in case you receive astonished by a few tropical rain.

Your daily dose of vitamin sea

Every day can be a beach day at Jamaica. Sea temperatures range from 81 °F between January and April, as well as 8-4 °F between best time to travel to Jamaica.

Average water temperatures of 82 °F and pristine shores, means that you are able to snorkel all year round if the feeling strikes. As the elements is cooler throughout peak season (so slightly), and also the water visibility could be marginally greater, due to not as rain, so you aren’t going to be let down if you travel through holidays.

Peak season vs very low year: So when can I reserve my next visit to Jamaica?

The current weather Jamaica is stunning year-round, making it the best vacation spot to delight in the attractive island. Your very best option is to traveling during the weeks of November and mid-April, best time to travel to Jamaica.

Peak-season: Mid-December — Mid-April

Winter season is best time to travel to Jamaica. The weather is slightly cooler over these days, and also the island sees with an influx of vacationers from around the planet. We would advise you reserve three or more months beforehand to avoid confronting a circumstance where there’s no availability.

Shoulder-season: Mid-April — Might and November — Mid-December

The shoulder season is just the best time to travel to Jamaica favored holiday island. By Mid-April into might the weather is excellent and also the audiences taper-off soon after peak year, providing you with ample room to rest , unwind and soak up the magnificent environment.

By November — Mid-December experiencing exactly the exact same amazing weather conditions, however you can expect that the beaches and resorts to be best time to travel to Jamaica.

Very low Season: June — November

Low season falls through the summer months. Over these months you may experience fewer crowds around the beaches, resorts and restaurants.

On top of that you will often find top-class accommodation at a lower rate. This may not be the best time to pay a visit to Jamaica whenever you want an event, however, it really is really a great moment to catch a cocktail lounge and take a well-deserved fracture onto the shore.

The best Activities to experience Whilst in Jamaica

As the Jamaican resorts will supply you having a luxury experience like no other, you may possibly want to venture out for two or one real Jamaican experiences. You won’t regret including a tiny experience for your vacation!

Jamaica Carnival

Location: Montego Bay, Kingston, Ocho Rios

Month: January to April

It’s an explosion of color, songs, food, and dancing. Soak the full Jamaican experience as the island state arrives to lifetime at the center of the 3 significant cities, Montego Bay, Kingston, and Ocho Rios. From shore parties to street parties, the Jamaica Carnival is genuinely a unique experience. This may well become the best time to travel to Jamaica.

Bob Marley Week

Area: Kingston

30 Days: February

The very first week of February sees reggae fanatics and Rastafarians come in the city of Kingston to commemorate the life and music of Jamaica’s best known artist, Bob Marley. The week comprises symposiums, lectures, karaoke competitions, a style show, exhibitions and various different events related to Bob Marley.

Don’t miss out on the»Redemption reside» concert. It’s the nearest you will have to some Bob Marley expertise — that a person whose music and beliefs were so rooted in grassroots of these Jamaican individuals.

Montego Bay Yacht Club Easter Regatta

Place: Montego Bay

Calendar month: March/April

If you should be up for a banquet of maritime activity from your esteemed Montego Bay Yacht Club, you’ve come to the right spot. Whether participating or simply witnessing the sails slide beyond youpersonally, in the spot of one’s taste, you’re searching for best time to travel to Jamaica within the Easter weekend.

St. Elizabeth Horticultural Society Flower Display

Location: St. Elizabeth

Month: April

If it truly is a immersive neighborhood experience you’re following, Easter Monday can supply you with just that. Affectionately called the»Flower present» the St. Elizabeth Horticultural Society Flower demonstrate was providing locals and tourist equally a real Jamaican experience since 1963.

Get a preference of dance-hall (common Jamaican songs ), local investigates, as well as a couple shopping experiences where you’re able to haggle with neighborhood vendors, which ought to stand you in good stead for the remainder of one’s trip.

St. Ann Global Kite Festival (Easter Monday at St. Ann)

Place: Richmond, St. Ann

30 Days: April

Equipping all households and social fans to the yearly St. Ann Kite Festival and party. You will have to make your A-game if you intend on entering your competition.

This long-held heritage is less in regards to the traveling and also a little more concerning reef layout and the building of kites. You’ll find not anything wrong with a bit of sunshine (fun) competition. Inauthentic Jamaican manner, this celebration will be reasoned together with live and eats reggae tunes.

Kingston Curry Festival

Place: Kingston

Month: May

«everything Curry» could be the theme of the festival and it’ll deliver nothing but that. Meals, art and music are the arrangement of the day, in the sought Kingston Curry festival. One of the very best dishes from chefs and restaurants, the European Kingston Curry Festival can be sponsor into a artisan village and a number of other popular Jamaican restaurants. Be sure to appear hungry.

Calabash International Literary Festival (Bi-annual )

Spot: Kingston

Month: Might (Bi-Annual — the next one to be stored in 2020)

«Inspirational» and»diverse», are words that spring to your mind when describing that the Calabash International Literary Festival. Past annually locals and visitors will soon be richly adorned to a 3-day festival of poetry readings, music as well as other sorts of storytelling procedures.

The Ocho Rios Jazz Festival

Spot: Ocho Rios

Month: June

What started out being an experimental square-foot occasion in 1991, with all the notion of redefining the Jamaican musical landscape, has boomed to an eight-day festival, featuring the greatest names in Jamaican Jazz around the world. Known as the best time to travel to Jamaica, families can take pleasure in their Jazz Holiday in multiple regions from Ocho Rios into Kingston.

The Reggae Sumfest

Area: Montego Bay

Month: July

Damian ‘Jr.. Gong’ Marley, Beres Hammond and also Maxi Priest are still only two or three of those most exceptionally acclaimed local and global jazz artists acting at The Reggae Sumfest. Even a 6-night lineup of activities which can include an all-white blitz party, a sound system explosion, and a shore party alongside the 3 principal concert events will promote a more full week of summer season vacations.

Marlin tournaments

Jamaica International Fishing Tournament: Montego Bay

Port Antonio International Blue Marlin Tournament: Port Antonio

Calendar month: October

The seas of northern Jamaica are popular at the deep sea fishing circles. For over 40 decades, the Jamaica worldwide Fishing Tournament along with the best time to travel to Jamaica sees local and international anglers and anglers from all corners of the globe which makes their solution for the Caribbean into fish that the teeming oceans.

To acquire you will need to catch the most significant Blue Marlina bass which migrates through the Caribbean throughout the best time to travel to Jamaica. Parties and celebrations make these awards a legacy high-light.

Nationwide Heroes Day

Spot: During Jamaica

Calendar month: October

Not all heroes wear capes. Just about every 3rd Monday in October is a public holiday commemorating Jamaica’s seven national heroes. The increased freedom and social improvement for Jamaica are credited to 6 personalities and also a heroine. Apart from such official-status heroes, modern-day day heroes have been also recognized the best time to travel to Jamaica.

Cafe Week

Place: All Through Jamaica

Calendar month: November

A foodies paradise! Over 100 participating restaurants around Jamaica may get you chomping at the piece (no pun meant ) to get your bum at a seat for their tasty culinary delights. Restaurant chefs will welcome patrons to get their signature meals at reductions as much as 30 percent. If there is ever an opportunity to stay island, the best time to travel to Jamaica is over the 30 days of November.


Seven miles of unadulterated sandy bliss is the thing that leaves Negril a vacation destination of choice. Seven-mile beachfront, that as you might have figured is roughly seven miles of sand that is uninterrupted. Coupled with never-ending turquoise oceans for so far as the eye may view, this piece of paradise will certainly set the best time to travel to Jamaica.

Catch a cocktail and watch the sun melt in the sea straight off the shores of Negril. Celebrate the very beautiful sunsets at Sandals Negril (complete adults just hotel ), or seashores Negril (all-inclusive family hotel with water park ).

Montego Bay

A well-known stomping ground for its rich and popular, the snowy shores of Montego Bay have been property for a number of the most ideal premier luxurious hotels . Second in its own size to Kingston, it’s referred to as the tourist capital of Jamaica, also for very superior explanation. From searching, to galleries, to parks and nature reservations, the more attractive seaside city will certainly keep you on best time to travel to Jamaica.

Ocho Rios

Ocho Rios, once a small fishing village, is presently a bustling metropolis internet hosting an array of outdoor ventures for you as well as your family members. Outdoor adventures on Mystic Mountain,» Martha Brae River Rafting, or researching the city on horseback, are only two or three of the many»must-do» activities while seeing Ocho Rios.

Do not forget to select the Dunn’s River Falls island Routes Tour, certainly one of the best time to travel to Jamaica. Take a look at Sandals O Chi (all-inclusive couples-only resort) and seashores Ocho Rios (family-friendly complete hotel ) to get a foul-smelling vacation.

Port Antonio

Port Antonio, the backing of Jamaica’s Portland Parish, is entirely best time to travel to Jamaica, and is the island’s 3rd largest interface. Produced famous by Hollywood, movie buffs will appreciate this Port Antonio was featured in multiple Hollywood films, including as for instance Club Paradise along with Tom Cruise’s Cocktail.


Understanding the major character reggae, ska, dancing hall and rocksteady have played in forming the town’s identity, Kingston, has been resisted the Creative metropolis of tunes by UNESCO at 2015. The administrative centre and largest town of Jamaica is located on the southeastern coast of the island.

Called the center of songs, art, and culinary explorations in Jamaica, it’s no surprise visitors flock to the town for each day trip to get yourself a style of the Jamaican culture. Kingston may be the business centre of Jamaica, in the event that you want to find a shore getaway — one other four destinations mentioned previously can be much better choice.

Come to Jamaica and Truly Feel okay

From alluring sandy shores into adventuresome slopes as a result of lush mountains and waterfalls, Jamaica boasts various unique experiences. Above all: it’s the ideal heaven to have a drink and relax. Experience real Jamaican foods followed together with all the pleasures of reggae and also you have yourself a vacation that’s actually a welcome break out of busy day-to-day life.

Base your self at any of the Sandals’ comprehensive resorts in Jamaica and then initiate your trip the way that it was always planned: stress-free and best time to travel to Jamaica.