Heterosexual Anal Sex Experience Among Puerto Rican and Black Youngsters

Heterosexual Anal Sex Experience Among Puerto Rican and Black Youngsters


Heterosexual anal sex is certainly not unheard of in the United States, and it also presents risk for STDs. But whom engages in they and why are not well-understood, particularly among youngsters.


In 2006–2008, information on intimate health–related information were collected in surveys (483 respondents) and qualitative interviews (70 players) with black colored and Puerto Rican 18–25-year-olds in Hartford and Philadelphia. Bivariate and multivariate analyses of research facts assessed predictors of anal sex most abundant in current big heterosexual lover. Interview transcripts were examined for anal sex experiences and grounds for and against doing this attitude.


Some 34percent of study participants have got rectal intercourse; this behavior was more widespread with big couples than with casual lovers (22per cent vs. 8per cent). Dark participants had been not as likely than Puerto Ricans to report anal intercourse (odds proportion, 0.3); ladies happened to be almost certainly going to do this than happened to be guys (2.9). During the qualitative cohort, perceptions of anal intercourse as painful and unattractive comprise the main cause of not having anal sex, whereas sexual joy and, in serious affairs, closeness comprise the main known reasons for participating in it. Condom utilize during anal intercourse got rare and got driven by STD or health issues.


Heterosexual rectal intercourse is certainly not a rare behavior and should be regarded as in an extensive sexual wellness context, not only as an indicator of STD possibility. Health suppliers should address it freely and, when suitable, as an optimistic sexual and emotional experience.

Heterosexual anal sex symbolizes a comparatively latest area of public health inquiry that has surfaced in reaction to greater rates of HIV issues among lady. 1 rectal intercourse is actually a wellness concern mostly because it’s of a greater likelihood of STD indication than dental and vaginal intercourse, though estimates of that possibilities change commonly. 2–6 incidence quotes declare that 30–40per cent of people of reproductive age in the usa need involved with heterosexual rectal intercourse. 7,8 Additionally, several investigators discovered the incidence of heterosexual anal sex improves substantially between midadolescence (around 5percent among 15–17-year-olds) plus the mid-20s (about 30per cent among 22–24-year-olds). 8–11

Whereas a https://datingmentor.org/escort/salem/ substantial human body of epidemiologic, behavioral and intervention studies targets rectal intercourse among men that have gender with men, study concerning heterosexual rectal intercourse is in their infancy. To our skills, no estimates based on thorough data can be found for the level that heterosexual rectal intercourse contributes to the HIV crisis in america. But existing frequency studies, in conjunction with the fairly large HIV sign possibilities associated with rectal intercourse, implies that its share may not be trivial. These issues are compounded by researches having shown consistently lower rates of condom incorporate during anal sex among heterosexual couples. 7,11–13

Latest data on heterosexual anal sex might quantitative, according to medical and society samples, and concentrated on three sets of correlates: co-occurring threat actions, demographic faculties, and partnership and gender dynamics. 5 most of it produces proof that involvement in rectal intercourse are related to more possibilities behaviour, specially medicine or alcoholic drinks use and achieving numerous sexual lovers, either concurrently or higher the program of for years and years. 9,13–15 evaluations associated with the prevalence of anal sex among various demographic groups has created combined outcomes. For example, some research reports have found whites getting much more likely than fraction organizations to submit anal intercourse, 11,13 while some found no association between ethnicity and rectal intercourse. 7,9 Some studies have discovered that the incidence of rectal intercourse increase as we grow older, are similarly likely to be reported by both women and men, and is more prevalent with “main” partners than with everyday couples, 7,9,11,13 but people have actually reported contrary results for each of these associations. 7,14,16