Cougars In Westport.Others consider the nation’s premier, deer-stalking pet.

Cougars In Westport.Others consider the nation’s premier, deer-stalking pet.

To some Westporters, the phrase “cougar” conjures up graphics of Benjamin Braddock and Mrs. Robinson.

People consider the nation’s prominent, deer-stalking pet.

That cougar — as soon as the more commonly distributed area mammal when you look at the Western Hemisphere, now an endangered specie — will be the one Westport can be involved with these days.

Reports 12 are carrying a tale about sightings in Westport and Cos Cob. (They call-it a mountain lion; according to the escort girl Joliet people seafood & animals provider, “cougar,” “mountain lion” and “puma” all consider the same animal.)

Cougars do not have all-natural foes. Eastern cougars’ main victim consists of white-tailed deer, porcupines and other smaller animals.

Keep your pets in through the night!

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5 feedback to “ Cougars In Westport ”

Once we lived in Litchfield Co. We noticed a mountain lion on all of our wandering country street near mid-night one night. I asked a neighbor (convinced she’d make fun of at myself) and she mentioned,”Oh, yes, I’ve seen that hill lion!” Often there is conflict over if they unquestionably are around. There’s no mistaking all of them, however. They’ve that extended “vacuum cleaner” end, and are not very spooked by folk whatsoever, actually, usually the one I saw merely seemed frustrated on automobile headlights but failed to rush to leave in the method. I’dn’t doubt when they located ways to live all through CT, during the woods, etc.

It’s amazing exactly what comes into the backyards overnight……all of us should be a tad bit more aware. In Cos Cob that night, my spouce and i watched a mountain lion. Although the songs we located 24 hours later are inconclusive, they certainly were huge and there. I’ve spoken with many crazy lives folk and the cat keeper during the beardsley zoo. Obtained all said it’s very likely. We realize for sure, We noticed it. Cool.

We fork out a lot of the time for the south Berkshires, close to the Litchfield state line. One early morning I became seated regarding porch whenever a long feline pet surfaced from taller yard on a single region of the driveway, paused in the center of the garage, took a glance at me personally (about 200 gardens out, give thanks to goodness) and proceeded on the option to the grass on the other side. It had been attractive!!

We survive pet Rock Rd right behind Bible St. To people just who don’t be aware of the aria, it is a heavily wooded with many rocky mountains with enough area where a huge cat may go unnoticed. We have seen the major pet 3 times in the last 6 decades. There is labeled as pet control repeatedly merely to be brushed off & happened to be told “there are no mountain lions in CT”. The mountain lion seems to roam & is certainly going unseen for quite a long time. Whenever he or she is within the neighborhood, the deer disappear.

The cougar has actually a teritory of 100 square miles

One living in Cos Cob is incredibly EXTREMELY UNLIKELY since it will have to move across Stamford, Bridgeport, ETC to make it to the forest

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