best time to travel to vancouver

Best Time To Travel To Vancouver

The best time to travel to Vancouver for excellent climate, excellent rates, along with smaller crowds, is from April to June and September to early November. July and August are the best months for warm weather, bright sky, and little rain, but they also see high hotel rates and more fantastic crowds in the top tourist attractions like in Tahiti.

Most significant Time for Sightseeing: The best time to travel to Vancouver and the city’s beautiful parks, even minus bumping elbows with hordes of tourists, now is in May and September. During today, you’ll have a fantastic possibility for sunshine and pleasant temperatures, together with magnificent perspectives from spots like Grouse Mountain. Still, the audiences have yet to arrive or even so are beginning to dissipate with summertime concluding.

Just like popular draws in the majority of key metropolitan areas, in order to avert the biggest crowds at sights just like the Vancouver Aquarium or even Vancouver Art Gallery, no matter what time of the year you visit, aim to arrive early or late on the weekday instead of the weekend.

Best Time To Travel To Vancouver Review

Most Useful Time to Whale Watching: One of their best time to travel to Vancouver and the surrounding area is whale watching. You’ll find a vast range of whale watching excursions to select from, and many offer a certainty that if you don’t see snakes in your very first attempt, you’ll secure yourself a free expedition aboard an identical vessel you traveled on. For your best time to travel to Vancouver, including two days of whale watching in your itinerary only in the case.

Southern Resident orcas are frequently sighted between April and November, although sightings peak in July, August, and September. If you hope to view humpback whales, your best time to travel to Vancouver is to select between late August and early December.

Best Time for a pub: Getting on the water by taking a boat cruise can be an excellent means to find a few of Vancouver’s most stunning sights out of a wholly different but superbly magnificent view. If you should be hoping to get a sunny afternoon on that you can step out on the deck, capture an image and respect the pictures, the best time to travel to Vancouver would be in July, August or early September.

When a cruise reaches the peak of one’s must-do list, keep in mind that best time to travel to Vancouver only between May and October, although unique holiday stores such as Christmas and New Year’s Eve are available and provide the chance to see the town lit up in most of its glory.

Most Useful Time for Skiing: Many people visit Vancouver for the Ability to Take Part in snow sport, with Grouse Mountain only 20 minutes out of downtown. The best time to travel to Vancouver is generally in the spring, especially from mid-March through late April, even though the mountain is most frequently accessible from mid-November throughout might and sometimes even into June.

Spring gives the best time to travel to Vancouver to the most high level, together with hotter temperatures, more and sunnier days, incredible snow, along awe-inspiring views.

Vancouver Journey Seasons

Considerable period (June through August): The summer months will be the absolute most famous for visiting Vancouver due to this warmer weather climate, festivals, and opportunities to get practically unlimited outside activities. If you go during this moment, expect bigger crowds and more excellent lodging prices along with best time to travel to Vancouver, especially in July and August.

You can also need to book your space well in advance as accommodations fill quickly. While 2013 comes with its downside, it is usually a magnificent time and energy best time to travel to Vancouver Reserve the Greatest Family Resorts in Vancouver much in advance.

Shoulder-season (April and May): Spring could be the very best time to travel to Vancouver, once the town typically appreciates mild, agreeable weather with a mixture of glowing and rainy times, though the rain is not adequate to put a damper on outside options. As the temperatures climb, the blossoms begin to bloom. This can be the best time to travel to Vancouver to evaluate superior bargains on resort rooms, even until summertime season tourists and cruisers begin to flooding in.

Low-season (September through March): The»non» season spans autumn and winter months, and for those who are hoping to find the most significant savings on resorts and fewer audiences, here can be the best time to travel to Vancouver. September can be an incredibly fabulous 30 days to become in Vancouver, with a great deal of beautiful, sunny days. However, the temperatures gradually begin to drop as fall officially kicks in.

There were lots of moist, gloomy times in the exact middle of winter, even however temperatures below freezing are relatively rare.

Vancouver Weather by Month

Vancouver weather conditions in January: Your best time to travel to Vancouver elements to become chilly and moist. That is one of many very first months of the calendar year. Although it doesn’t make snow regularly and when it can, it usually melts by Time that it strikes the ground and doesn’t collect.

The typical high temperature hovers around five °C to 6°C, and with 140mm of rain that this month, you may wish to bring your rain gear, including watertight boots. It tends to become rather gray and cloudy in January, using fewer sunshine days than any other month due for December.

Daylight is in a premium far too, together with sunrise approximately 8 am and Sun Set as early as 4:25 pm at the beginning of the calendar month. In Addition to rain gear, bring warm clothing, including a warm coat and gloves. (Average Max Temperature: 6°C. Average Precipitation: 140mm.)

Vancouver Weather in February: Temperatures start to warm in February, with the average higher increasing two decreases to 8°C, although there is much more precipitation this month compared to that had been in January, with 150mm falling more than 16 times.

Although it is best time to travel to Vancouver, wet, and grey a lot of the Time, the weather is still relatively mild compared to the remaining part of the nation, and some years it does bring a fair amount of sunshine. In actuality, you could even begin to see blossoms later in the calendar month. (Average Max Temperature: 8°C. Average Precipitation: 150mm.)

In March, Vancouver weather conditions bring blooming spring blossoms and warmer weather, together with daylight highs averaging around ten °C. It really is starting to rain less now, together with 110mm this month, even though you will still wish to prepare for the best time to travel to Vancouver.

These days are growing increasingly longer, with all reef about 7:45 pm by March 31st, due to Daylight Savings Time. This past month, you’ll still want to pack hot, waterproof clothing and rain gear, nevertheless, you should also bring several short-sleeved tops and lighter clothing for longer pleasant days as soon as the best time to travel to Vancouver. (Typical Max Temperature: 10°C. Average Precipitation: 110mm.)

Vancouver weather conditions in April: Though April is wet, it’s also mild, with elevated temperatures averaging 1 2 °C. The spring flowers are now in full blossom, and you’ll start to see additional people out in places including Stanley Park, hiking, biking, and rollerblading.

The city sees a mean of 2 hrs of sunshine today, even though April’s weather conditions are inconsistent, bringing the complete range in cool, rainy, and dark for agreeable, sunny springtimes. Be ready by packing for a broad array of temperatures and requirements, particularly in case you’re planning to become next to the water heater. You will need a light coat and some water-resistant clothing together with best time to travel to Vancouver, a hat and sunscreen. (Average Max Temperature: 1 2 °C. Typical Precipitation: 100mm.)

Vancouver climate in might : With summertime today just around the corner, May may be one of the absolute most pleasant months of this year in Vancouver. These days are long, the climate is getting hotter and the sun shines a lot more usually not. Though it still rains, this month brings a considerable drop in precipitation, together with 60mm normally typical. Afternoon drops of 16°C, also sometimes warmer, implies best time to travel to Vancouver to enjoy the great outdoors. Bring a reach of clothing because you’d for March, preparing for rain in Addition to sunlight.

You are going to still require a warm jacket as evenings can be quite trendy, with overnight lows dropping to 9°C. (Typical Max Temperature: 6 7 °C. Normal Precipitation: 60mm.)

Vancouver Weather in June: June is best time to travel to Vancouver, even though higher temperatures grow average to 1 9 °C. Several years back, this past month is distinguished by lots of sunshine, in other words it can be cooler and rainier than may possibly. Summer here may or may not be just like what you’re utilized to, either because it truly is rare for it to find very warm in Vancouver. As the days are long as a result of the town’s northern area, you’ll be in a position to delight in the sun until almost 9:30pm.

Yet again, package to get a wide selection of temperatures and conditions therefore that you’ll be well prepared. As June’s elements could be somewhat unpredictable, it’s really the best time to travel to Vancouver to be here more frequently than not. (Average Max Temperature: 1-9 °C. Average Precipitation: 55mm.)

Vancouver Weather in July: August, July is typically the driest month of the year in the city. It’s got the weakest rainy days, probably the many hours of sunlight, and it’s comfortably warm with only moderate humidity degrees. Now you’ll need mostly summer season clothing, including the best time to travel to Vancouver, though you may still require several long-sleeved shirts and also a light jacket if you intend to devote an evening close to the sport.

Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat are typical appropriate too. If you would rather hotter weather and also would like to get around the rain, July is usually the very best time to travel to Vancouver. (Average Max Temperature: 2-1 °C. Normal Precipitation: 40mm.)

Vancouver climate in August: August is much like July, typically quite dry, and you may not observe any rain whatsoever until later in the month, with 50-mm of precipitation falling on average. Afternoon temperatures increase a degree to some exact pleasant 22°C, with best time to travel to Vancouver.

Just like July, you’re going to need your summertime attire together with a light jacket for evenings with lows averaging around 14°C. This is definitely the time to take advantage of this wealth of outdoor tasks right here, together with 1 1 lovely hrs of sunshine every day. (Typical Max Temperature: 2-2 °C. Average Precipitation: 50-mm.)

Vancouver Weather in September: September is another one of their best time to travel to Vancouver. More often than not, you’ll have many consecutive days of warm glowing heavens, but because the month advances, it will begin to sense warmer. On average, higher temperatures reach 18°C, also even though precipitation increases to 70mm above ten times, much of it’s going to fall later in the month.

By visiting during the best time to travel to Vancouver, there is a high probability you will delight in the best of the two worlds, with many of the holidaymakers exiting, and a great deal of amazing sunny days. Be prepared for whatever will come, aim to dress in layers, and bring the two thick and lighter clothing for hot and warm times, combined with generally cooler evenings as temperatures could dip as little as 11°C. (Typical Max Temperature: 18°C. Average precipitation: 70mm.)

Vancouver weather conditions in October: Using autumn now in full swing, temperatures are noticeably calmer, which is wetter too, although ancient in the month it can be merely like September, clear and mild.

The next in the 30 days you plan to become the following, the more you’re going to want to get equipped for gray, dark heavens and rain, using an average of 100mm coming in October. Bringing an umbrella or rain gear becomes advisable once again, along with a heavier coat, and you’re also going to need to be equipped for shorter times, even together with the sunset just before 6pm on October 31. (Average Max Temperature: 1 3 °C. Average Precipitation: 100mm.)

Vancouver climate in November: The wet, dark and cold period has now arrived. Anticipate rain and more rain, with November typically a stormy season, actually by Vancouver’s already fat-soluble criteria. Naturally, there is 200mm of precipitation and only four sunshine hours every Time, meaning tons of gloomy, and gray days. The best time to travel to Vancouver when you’re a skier or snowboarder.

With an average high temperature of just eight °C, you are going to desire to bring your warm climate clothing, including waterproof attire and rain equipment. Boots, hats, and gloves are recommended too. (Average Max Temperature: 8°C. Normal Precipitation: 200mm.)

Vancouver climate in December: December continues to be best time to travel to Vancouver since it rains nearly just as much as it did last month, even together with 160mm on average.

These days are best time to travel to Vancouver, with reef at about 4:15pm in mid-December. Nevertheless, the superior news is there will soon be snow in the mountains and plenty of dazzling holiday lights in the town to brighten things up. While snow in the metropolis is improbable, using overnight lows just over freezing at 1°C, then be prepared for cool rain by merely bringing the warm, waterproof clothing and rain gear. (Typical Max Temperature: 6°C. Typical precipitation: 160mm.)

Vancouver Activities and Festivals

Vancouver in January

New Year’s Day: New Year’s Day can be a national holiday in Canada, so many businesses will be shut, including the famous Granville Island industry, but there will be many restaurants available combined having a couple attractions such as the Capilano Suspension Bridge as well as also the Vancouver Aquarium. The absolute most famed celebration for New Year’s Day would be that the Vancouver Polar Bear Swim, in which locals and visitors, many which wear costumes, have a dip in the chilly water off English Bay Beach.

PuSh International Performing Arts Festival: The PuSh Festival is among the city’s signature occasions. Running three weeks from mid-January as a result of early February, it showcases acclaimed international, Canadian and local artists.

Vancouver International Boat Show — Taking place within five times in late January in B.C. Place Stadium, this long-running yearly event may be the prime boating event in Western Canada, as well as the best time to travel to Vancouver in British Columbia.

A huge selection of ships are obtainable, as are typical kinds of motors and marine equipment. There are fishing boats, yachts, jet skis, kayaks, and all watercraft types available on display. Seminar speakers, boating and sport fishing seminars, cooking demonstrations, and a Kids’ Zone are all hosted too.

Chinese New Year: As Vancouver Houses the next best time to travel to Vancouver, Chinese New Year Is a Well-liked event with Chinese citizens in Addition to the general population. Celebrations include fireworks, a dragon parade, audio, dancing, all kinds of fabulous food, and additional. In 2017, Chinese New Year will fall on January 28, even though it often falls in February.

Vancouver in February

24 Hours of Winter — Grouse Mountain, just outside Vancouver, typically hosts this event during the first weekend of February, starting at 8 am Saturday and running through best time to travel to Vancouver.

It includes all-night skiing, snowboarding and ice hockey skating; sunrise and midnight snowshoe excursions. A flashlight parade, zip-lining plus more.

B.C. Family Members Day — Family Day is found on best time to travel to Vancouver and four other Canadian provinces. There are dozens of events at various venues throughout the city over the long weekend, and many typical attractions offer discounts on the holiday way.

Vancouver International Wine Festival — This festival held over a week in late February functions over 150 wines from several different countries. It even provides the unique possibility to satisfy owners, winemakers, and mature representatives from all wineries worldwide.

Winterruption: This enjoyable winter festival held over three days in mid-February includes music, artwork, dancing, theater, film, foods, crafts and arts, indoor and outside activities plus more.

Vancouver in March

CelticFest — This annual event takes place within St. Patrick’s Day , celebrating everything Irish, and even Celtic. Among its highlights will be the parade, which generally happens around the break along with the Sunday prior to March 17. Visitors can even like avenue events, whiskey tastings, Irish theater, live audio and a lot more.

Coastal First Nations Dance Festival — This dancing festival held yearly over five times in early March is hosted with the Dancers of Damelahamid and the UBC Museum of Anthropology. It showcases First Nations dance and culture, including a dancing around MOA totems.

Vancouver Women in Film Festival — The annual WIFF because it is called, showcases films from recognized and up-and-coming female filmmakers and takes place over nearly a week in mid-March.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival — Running for a calendar month starting in mid-March, this festival celebrates the cherry blossom using a vast selection of activities, including a live performance, tree chats and chats, and also the Sakura Days Japan reasonable.

Vancouver in April

Vancouver Vaisakhi Parade — This yearly parade maybe not merely includes best time to travel to Vancouver that begins at the Sikh Temple, but tons of music, food, singing and dance.

Vancouver Sun Run — This is the most significant community 10-k in the whole nation, bringing together as many as 50,000 runners to the streets of downtown Vancouver.

Earth Day festivities — Earth Day occurs annually on April 22, also you’ll find many events across the spot to observe. The biggest of them is typically the Party for our planet Earth, that features concerts and performances over three different stages throughout the day. It will take place only away from the Town of Surrey’s City Hall, in the suburb found best time to travel to Vancouver southeast of downtown Vancouver.

Vancouver E CO fashion-week — This eco-friendly week in mid-April includes a board talk together with eco-conscious designers, a vintage cat walk series and also other style occasions.

Vancouver in Might

Vancouver International Burlesque Festival — This yearly three-day celebration in ancient might is really the most prestigious and longest-running burlesque festival in the nation. It displays a few of the best time to travel to Vancouver, fashion shows, parties and parties, and a lot more.

Vancouver Marathon — Held on the 1st Sunday in May, the annual Vancouver Marathon, includes the marathon, a qualifier for the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon, Together with walking and wheelchair occasions.

B.C. place Prawn Festival — This enjoyable event held annually on the Saturday in mid-May walks off the prawn period using a variety of celebrations, including leisure entertainment, a prawn boil, actor chef cooking demos, children’s activities and more.

Vancouver International Children’s Festival — Taking position throughout the last week of May, this internationally-renowned festival focuses on performing arts to get young audience throughout theatre, songs, dancing, carnival acts, puppetry, storytelling and much more about Granville Island.

Vancouver craft-beer Week — This best time to travel to Vancouver starts in late May, running through early June, May 27 — June 5 in 2016 and features theatres together with top-notch, outstanding foods and a number of the finest lagers and ales.

Vancouver in June

Vancouver Heritage Foundation Annual Heritage Home Tour —The annual Vancouver Heritage Home Tour is a one-day self-guided tour held within the 1st Sunday in June featuring 10 exceptional legacy houses in Vancouver.

Vancouver International Jazz Festival — One of the best time to travel to Vancouver, along with the most useful according to The Seattle Times, is held throughout the next half of June, together with 1,800 musicians and four hundred festivals held in 40 venues across the town.

Dragon Boat Festival — This annual multi-cultural event held within a weekend in mid-June, June 17 19 in 2016, attracts in excess of 100,000 to enjoy ship racing, music, food and fun, along with increased than one hundred eighty dragon boat clubs from the other side of the planet.

Make songs Vancouver — h2o Street, located in Gastown, is blocked off of traffic to get this totally free music festival which includes sidewalk phases, 150 bands and street dance.

Vancouver in July

Carnaval del Sol — This best time to travel to Vancouver within a weekend in mid-July, celebrates Latin American culture including music, dance courses, foodstuff, soccer, and children’ actions as well as Latin American and Native Canadian visual art displays, and standard folk dancers from various countries performing diverse dance styles like folklore, Zumba, capoeira, belly dance and more.

Harrison Festival of the Arts — This nine-day festival that will be held from July 9 through July 17 in 20-16, features an art market place and performing arts performances.

Khatsahlano road celebration — This massive road celebration held on a Saturday in July, July 1 1 in 2016, showcases fifty of Vancouver’s top musical performers, painters, street actors and exceptional pursuits.

Vancouver Folk Music Festival — This mythical folks tunes festival features three days of tunes in Jericho Beach Park around a weekend in mid-July, July 15 17 in 20-16. There are just eight stages, 70 hours of world and folk songs, some industry, food sellers and more.

Caribbean times Festival — Every July, the Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of B.C. presents this festival held in North Vancouver’s Waterfront Park. The weekend of carnival, civilization, cuisine and also tropical rhythm will get place within July 2324 in 2016.

Vancouver in August

Yearly Powell Street Festival — This best time to travel to Vancouver over the first weekend in August is an yearly celebration of Western Canadian arts, culture and heritage. It includes music, dancing, film and video, visual arts, an amateur sumo tournament, fighting styles demos, art vendors, traditional displays, and plenty of yummy Japanese cuisine.

Harmony Arts Festival — Taking place in West Vancouver around the first week of August, this festival showcases art exhibits, live music, outside videos and other entertainment.

Vancouver Queer Film Festival — This Yearly festival includes the Finest in queer independent cinema from Vancouver and around the World.

Abbotsford International Airshow — A three-day Function Which Will Be held over the weekend of August 12 14 in 20-16 in the Abbotsford Airport Terminal, the Abbotsford International Air Show brings aircraft and audiences from around the entire world.

It typically includes the Canadian Forces parachute groups, Canada’s Snow-birds, entries from the Canadian Museum of Flight and much more.

Pacific National Expedition — This best time to travel to Vancouver for at least a century. Taking set the previous three weeks of summer season, starting on August 20 in 20-16, it includes a variety of amusement ride, live entertainment, fair food, plus much additional.

Vancouver in September

TAIWANfest — Among earth’s largest Taiwanese arts and culture events out of Taiwan, this annual provincial festival has been held in early September and observes Taiwanese civilization, including plenty of live music, cinema, culinary presentations and even more.

Vancouver Zombiewalk — This best time to travel to Vancouver takes place Annually, starting at the Vancouver Art Gallery in the 1st Saturday in September. You may join in or just watch the hundreds that participate, walking throughout downtown Vancouver dressed as creepy, damn zombies.

Vancouver International Fringe Festival — The most significant theater festival in the province showcases more than 600 performances within 11 days in mid-September.

Renfrew Ravine Moon Festival — This yearly lantern festival is best time to travel to Vancouver in the Renfrew-Collingwood place and features an evening of songs, lantern installations, a parade and other festivities.

Vancouver in October

Canada Thanksgiving — Canada’s Thanksgiving Day, celebrated on the 2nd Monday in October, is a federal holiday, that implies government offices, banks and most B.C. liquor shops are now closed. Most Canadians rejoice daily by sharing dinner together with family members. The majority of stores in large shopping districts such as Robson Street downtown remain open.

B.C. Craft Beer Calendar Month — The Full month of October is B.C. Craft Beer Calendar Month, that includes Various occasions at craft breweries and bars.

UBC Apple Festival — Held yearly over a weekend in mid-October, Oct 15-16 in 20-16, the UBC Apple Festival is your largest fundraising event for your UBC Botanical Garden. It includes live entertainment together with a slew of apples to buy and taste.

Vancouver Halloween Parade and Expo — This fun celebration held in downtown Vancouver above four occasions in mid-October,» October 13 16 in 2016, comprises comics, anime, cosplay, matches, cosmetics, arts and performances.

Halloween — Halloween is celebrated in a huge manner in Vancouver, with haunted properties set up throughout the town along with some Stanley Park Ghost Train, while several Halloween parties and costume contests have been hosted in clubs and pubs.

Vancouver in November

Vancouver Diwali Fest — This»festival of lights» can be an East Indian festival that occurs position for nearly two weeks in November. It includes functions around Vancouver, such as workshops, dance performances along with an all-day celebration, Diwali Downtown.

Circle Craft Christmas Market — This yearly Xmas marketplace held five days in midNovember attracts more than 250 Canadian artisans since the greatest craft honest in Western Canada.

Vancouver Xmas current market — Starting across the third weekend in November and running through Christmas Eve, this marketplace in the Queen Elizabeth Theatre Plaza is a real exterior German Christmas village filled with holiday songs and entertainment, unique holiday gift ideas, activities for children, conventional foodstuff and drinks.

Candytown: A Yaletown getaway Festival — Celebrating the winter holidays, this festival on the third Saturday of November includes a gift marketplace, completely free horse carriage rides, Santa Claus and much more.

Bright Nights in Stanley Park — Beginning on the previous Thursday of November and running through just after New Year’s, this annual Vancouver convention in Stanley Park includes a thousand dazzling lights which transform the forest throughout the park’s famous miniature train into a winter wonderland.

Vancouver in December

VanDusen Botanical Gardens’ Festival of Lights — Held through the entire month of December, this event transforms VanDusen Garden into a beautiful holiday spectacle having fancy lights, also a gingerbread stroll, Santa’s workshop, even a candy cane tree and more.

Rogers Santa Clause Parade — This parade throughout downtown Vancouver on the very first Sunday of December includes merry floats, significantly more than sixty marching groups, dance troupes, and neighborhood bands.

Winter Solstice Lantern Festival — This yearly event on December 2-1 celebrates the yield of light immediately after the calendar year’s shortest day using lantern displays, live tunes and a variety of events in five Vancouver areas, including Chinatown.

Xmas Day — Many Vancouver residents will be spending the Christmas vacation together with their household, and also the majority of businesses will be shut, however some attractions and restaurants, such as movie theaters, Vancouver Aquarium, and the neighborhood ski mountains will probably remain available.

New Year’s Eve — Vancouver hosts two fireworks shows on December 31st each year as a portion of its waterfront holiday season. One coincides using the midnight countdown in the west shore for families with young children, and the other one is in midnight Pacific Time, as soon as the woods are shot by the barge across Coal Harbour.

Parties are found throughout the metropolis, and there are New Year’s Eve cruises too.