Best Time To Travel To Korea

    best time to travel to korea
    best time to visit korea in autumn

    South Korea’s four seasons every have something unique to offer you visitors of the country. Still, depending on what you would like from your own Korean experience, some events are easier traveling compared to others. Read on to find out the best time to travel to Korea.

    When Is The Best Time To Travel To Korea


    While many prefer to prevent the cold, there’s just a certain charm about cozying up in a warm coat and wandering by way of sharp as in Patagonia, white snow, which best time to travel to Korea.

    Many points of interest may also be way less congested, making it a great time to visit, specially for those looking in order to avoid the crowds of the huge towns. The couple exceptions are the nation’s ski hotels, which can be excellent places to partake in a variety of snow activities, including skiing, snowboarding and sledding. Visitors may also enjoy South Korea’s efficient transport, which runs as the best time to travel to Korea.


    The Korean winter is so cold and long, extending right up until late February. Nevertheless, people may still take pleasure in the country’s many indoor centers such as theme parks, parks, museums and jjimjilbangs (Korean spas) — many which are connected straight into the subway, eliminating the demand for walking outside in the arctic weather conditions. Additional shopaholics can benefit from the huge sales that are held nationwide at mega-malls and department retailers during the best time to travel to Korea.

    The effects of the freshwater weather are far more pronounced the more north you move, thus, such as the searing temperatures, stay into the southern places, including the best time to travel to Korea.


    As spring sets in and temperatures begin to warm upsailors go for the mountains, making usage of the country’s many national parks, which might be canopied in colorful wildflowers. The impacts of the change in climate can likewise be observed in lots of unique festivals like the Jeju hearth Festival as best time to travel to Korea.

    Be mindful, but that during late March, temperatures could unexpectedly fall again, therefore it is almost always a good idea to dress in layers. In reality, Koreans use the poetic expression»Got saem chuui» («The winter is covetous of blossoms») to characterize the best time to travel to Korea.


    Japan’s cherry blooms could be legendary, however, Korea’s blossoms are likewise a sight to behold. Many cherry flower festivals take place during the very first and 2nd week of April as lakes, parks and paths are beautified by the best time to travel to Korea.

    The caveat: April is additionally the good time of season once the notorious yellow dust out of the Gobi Desert covers the Korean peninsula, creating an unwelcomed haze and dustiness. Avoid this 30 days in case you have allergies or even be sure to bring a source of sprays.


    Might’s weather may be likely to be inclement, making it perhaps one of the most well-known weeks of this entire year to stop by South Korea. Lodge and plane-ticket prices can also be rather manageable, however, it truly is recommended to book early, since the country’s numerous springtime people can confine your best time to travel to Korea.

    Benefit from the largely bright times to enjoy the truly amazing outdoors. There are plenty of events and festivals to encounter, with all the Damyang Bamboo Festival and Boseong Green Tea Extract Festival in Jeollanam Province being favorites.


    Much like might, June can be a significant time of this season to avert the crowds and revel in the still-mild climate, especially in Korea’s coastal regions, that tend to develop into overcrowded with tourists everywhere in July. Evenings can be cool, so that it’s perhaps not just a terrible notion to carry a light jacket when headed outside to dinner or the best time to travel to Korea.


    Summers in Korea can be intolerably hot and muggy, which means you might just find yourself hopping in a suburban venue to another location. The united states’s monsoon time begins in late July, and showers could be intense and lengthy, with best time to travel to Korea.

    The heat and rain may be deal-breaker for many, however if you perhaps not fussed from weather, July can be a very fun time for you to see. Audio festivals such as Extremely Korea and the Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, and ethnic occasions like the Boryeong Mud Festival along with Sinchon Watergun Festival are about just about every weekend and also make for a Wonderful Approach best time to travel to Korea.


    As the scorching heat helps make August a wonderful calendar month to hit Korea’s shores and water parks, and it’s also summer vacation for many Korean universities, universities and employers. Hence restaurants, shopping malls and cultural complexes might be too cramped. With a growing enjoy for staycations , hotels are additionally at full occupancy and certain amenities such as swimming pools are all best time to travel to Korea.

    South Korea is not as vulnerable to typhoons than neighboring countries, however typically a few typhoons can be expected per year. They normally pass South Korea in late summer, notably in August and bring torrential rains, and therefore don’t leave home with best time to travel to Korea.


    September is still one of the absolute most inconsistent months of the season. The ancient times of this month can be some of those greatest of this season as the latter times may be chilly and autumn-like. Look at bringing a few items that may be layered depending best time to travel to Korea.

    While the nation gets all set for autumn, occasions like the Andong International Mask Dance Festival and also Hyoseok Cultural Festival offer tons of fun activities for families as well as individuals.


    With the best time to travel to Korea and also a wealth of events and festivals like the Busan International Film Festival along with Jinju Lantern Festival, oct is no doubt among their best months to stop by South Korea.

    Korea’s mountains indulged in an glorious variety of reds, yellows and oranges, and locals flock to federal parks to choose in the technicolor landscape of natural magnificence. Schedule your visit to relish the changing of the leaves, notably gratifying in the best time to travel to Korea.

    Shirt weather may continue well into October, however, you’re very likely to need a few excess layers by this month.


    Like October, November is known to have light temperatures, low rainfall and a wealth of unadulterated natural splendor. Benefit from the crisp cool air when you marvel in the vivid lighting in the Seoul Lantern Festival, or decide to try your hand at kimchi-making at the best time to travel to Korea.


    For people that don’t mind the chilly, December is also an enjoyable time to visit. Sure, if there’s the cool, which is excruciating on certain times, however there is also snow, festive decor and lots of merrymaking.

    Even though businesses shut down for Xmas in many cities around the world, more substantial businesses in Seoul flourish with festivities during best time to travel to Korea.

    If to not move

    Seoul can become a hard place to visit during your dog days of summer season or even the brutally cold days of winter months, depending on which you’re coming from and what you’re used to. In normal, late summer (late July to late August) is extremely sexy and muggy, maybe not to mention rainy, which could make sightseeing a nuisance. Likewise late winter (early January to late February) could be very chilly and dry, making best time to travel to Korea.

    South Korea’s two main vacations, Seollal (Lunar New Year), which often falls in January or February, and Chuseok, that takes place in September or October, are just some of the most expensive times for domestic travel since individuals flock into their hometowns to see family members. This will definitely make travelling around the united states nearly hopeless if perhaps not months in advance. Furthermore, many points of interest are closed during today, and Seoul becomes remarkably silent.

    Areas To Visit In South Korea

    Seoul: The Dazzling Capital City

    The dazzling capital community will impress you with its dizzying mixture of contemporary architecture, party vibes, pop culture, amazing parks & glittering promenades making it one of the most renowned areas in South Korea as well as the cities to see in South Korea. Vibrant Seoul isn’t only a buzzing urban hub however also rich in history and culture. With gorgeous palaces, posh eateries and stylish boutiques, Seoul is charming all the way.

    The National Museum and War Memorial simply take you through the real history of the nation, as the trendy shopping district of Gangnam provides you a style of this city’s ritzy side on your reasons to visit South Korea.

    Jeju Island: A Stunning Island

    This stunning island just Eighty Five Kilometers off the shore Is Just One of the Absolute Most beautiful locations in South Korea and one of the Most Well-known areas in South Korea. Having been voted among those newest Seven Wonders of Nature, the pristine magnificence of Jeju-do will simply take your breath away.

    Surreal snowy sand beaches surrounded by pine forests, volcanic craters and lava deserts, amazing botanical gardens and a rich culture are a few of the high-points of the all-natural heaven amongst sites near Seoul that are a must-visit.

    The Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ): Filled With Modern History

    among Popular South Korea allure, » The DMZ is one of the Most Well-known Areas to visit in South Korea to get a better understanding of the conflict between North and South Korea & the current state of events. The DMZ is full of interesting websites which result in a engaging lesson in history.

    You May have a peek into North Korea at the Observation Post and feel that the rush of experience when walking throughout the Infiltration Tunnel. It is best to bring a guided tour that includes a stop by at the Joint Security Area (JSA).

    Busan: Something For Everybody

    if you should be visiting sites in South Korea then not adding the spot to your list will be unjust. This 2nd biggest city of South Korea is known from the other side of the world for hosting Asia’s largest International filmfestival. Busan can be a interesting amalgamation of all sky-scrapers, majestic mountains, amazing beaches and gorgeous Buddhist temples as well as amongst the very best places to visit in South Korea.

    One of the popular places to see in Busan is the Haedong Yonggungsa temple over the shore along with the interesting Jagalchi fish marketplace. Foodies could relish the seafood propagate in the numerous dining establishments and enjoy local delicacies in the ubiquitous street food stalls.

    Gyeongju: A Treasure Trove Of Cultural internet sites

    One of the best places to go in South Korea, the coastal city of Gyeongju, often called an open-ended museum, is among the best things to do in South Korea to detect its original origins and abundant heritage. The erstwhile capital of this early Silla kingdom, Gyeongju can be actually a treasure trove of historical and cultural sites and ruins going into a thousand years.

    With all the UNESCO world heritage site, Bulguksa temple and also the National Museum using its own unparalleled selection of artefacts, this metropolis gives you a glimpse into South Korea’s cultural origins.

    Dadohaehaesang nationwide Park: the greatest National Park In Korea

    Among the most beautiful holiday destinations in South Korea, it’s the biggest National Park in Korea, this piece of paradise handles 1700 significant and tiny islands plus some stone structures. Perhaps one among the most scenic and islands would be that the Cheongsando island considered one of the most useful places to visit in South Korea for it surreal arenas and the slow city movement.

    Hondo and Heuksando would be the popular islands at which you’re able to choose a boat trip to respect the overwhelming natural websites. This really is among the top-rated renowned spots to visit in South Korea on your next getaway!


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