Best Time To Travel To Colombia

    best time to travel to colombia
    best time to visit cartagena

    So you have decided to take your upcoming getaway to Colombia? Wait and Bienvenidos! You have already made an educated decision to stop by a brilliant state teeming with culture, history and fire that is certain to supply an experience you as well as your travel crew will be eligible for a lifetime.

    We believe you should have any fame due to this stage, you’ve already made it through the most challenging part of getaway planning — picking on»exactly where». Now it’s time for you to decide the best time to travel to Colombia.

    When Is The Best Time To Travel To Colombia

    COLOMBIA Weather Conditions: THE NEED-TO-KNOWS

    Colombia contains six, different bio-diverse places just like Cuba with drastic changes detectable between areas based on which you intend to go. Due to this, regardless of what period of the year you are thinking of jetting to Colombia, you’ll locate a region that’s in the middle of experiencing best time to travel to Colombia.

    While the country’s proximity to the Equator keeps lots of pieces of Colombia somewhat secure through the entire year, the exact predictor of climate patterns relates to your elevation level and closeness to the shore. This differs significantly from the idea of»seasons» heavily found in the Northern Hemisphere while the significant predictor of an area’s requirements.

    We’ve assembled this manual to supply you with the most comprehensive concept of the destinations we travel into. Therefore, you can make the most informed decisions about if and at which you’d best time to travel to Colombia. Able to jet?


    For ages, Colombia’s northernmost coastline has been known as an idyllic oceanfront destination by people comfortable with South America. But provided the country’s notorious ago, many prospective travellers seeking to reserve a seaside retreat have already been sceptical about placing Colombia towards the very top of their lists.

    As Colombia has made strides in the last several decades to progress past its reputation, we have noticed increases in tourism into the state follow along in its paths. In the past year, Colombia has seen a 13% increase in tourism to the state with no slowing signs.

    best time to visit cartagena

    Cartagena de Indias, additionally called Cartagena, has become a desirable place for travelling as this historical coastal town has been gaining significant traction within a previous couple of years.

    Frequently admired because of its glowing splashes of color about the town buildings and at the blossoming florals that never seem to go from the season, Cartagena delivers travelers trying to have Colombia the perfect mix of new and old and best time to travel to Colombia.

    Cartagena handles to display its historical relevance whilst still embracing forward development, permitting the city to have a distinctly cosmopolitan air that breeds raw energy unlike elsewhere in the country.

    The city’s primary draw is its coastal site, though you may be frustrated to discover the beaches in Cartagena appropriate are not worth the deadline.

    For the best time to travel to Colombia, traveling a bit farther to the nearby Islas del Rosario where the water glistens as well as the shores are coated with nice warm sand your own body will trickle to during a blissful day under sunlight.


    You may discover temperatures which stay hot during this year due to Cartagena’s limited space out of the Equator. Cartagena’s ordinary climate sits right across 83°F (28°C) all year with its newest months from June to September peaking at the low 90s (roughly 31-33°C).

    Back in Cartagena’s»cooler» weeks of December to March, you’ll be satisfied by cozy highs that quantify in near seventy-five °F (2-4 °C).

    Additionally, you will need to contemplate humidity, which gets the potential to create temperatures that may not seem excruciating, particularly brutal.

    When packaging, you’ll want to fill your bag with light layers and cushioned clothes (and clearly, lots of bathing suits!) That is likely to cause the unidentified conditions a little bit easier in your own entire body.

    If humidity can be a significant problem, you will prefer to travel between December into March where the»feels like» temperature is in its suitable measures. You’ll also want to prevent the weeks of October and November, where humidity tends to rate higher than at any other point from the year, the best time to travel to Colombia.

    In case your main objective is to travel quickly, consider travel during the months from August to November in which rainwater is much more likely, however, mustn’t impact your shore options. Cartagena’s»rainy season» is similar to several other parts of the Caribbean, causing nutshell spells occasionally but offering dry conditions that most of your afternoon.

    The months ranging from September to November and March during May are thought of Cartagena’s minimal seasons, making you the best time to travel to Colombia.

    Predictably, Cartagena’s summit tourism year occurs between June and August’s prime beach weather, with another tide of holidaymakers getting advantage of the lowered humidity in between December throughout February.



    If you like acquainting oneself using a region in its latest circumstance, think about visiting Colombia’s capital city of Bogota. At the same time that you’ll be surrounded by the city’s historic architecture and museums which boast Colombia’s wealthy heritage, you are going to come across this all to exist within a culture which respects its beyond but is still strictly grounded in the present moment.

    Bogota is currently undergoing artistic renewal, and together with many of the country’s young creatives flocking into the town to share in its exciting development. Throughout your Bogota period, leave plenty of time to roam the many different districts as new theories are continuously showing up across the sprawling metropolis, the best time to travel to Colombia.

    Please pay a visit to Museo de Arte Moderno (Museum of Modern Art) to check out their current setups and perform up an appetite walking into the Zona Rosa district to flavour some of the finest new restaurants always opening their doors.

    Amongst most this newness, Bogota keeps a deep appreciation for its heritage with traditional landmarks, like the Museo de Oro (Museum of Gold) and the classic colonial architecture within its historical centre. If you’re feeling adventuresome, have a hike to the very top of Montserrat to shoot in the city’s most stunning view from a 10,400 ft (3,170 m) elevation and maybe even get motivated to take part in a Catholic mass service in the mountain’s pinnacle.

    (Okay, okay — We would suggest the best time to travel to Colombia. However, you’ll be able to choose a cable car as well!)


    Though there may be slight differences in temperature depending upon when you travel, be prepared you’ll encounter a temperature close to 5-7 °F (14°C) no matter when you reserve your trip.

    The weather tends to be the best time to travel to Colombia at which you could be fulfilled with temperatures that range everywhere from your high 60’s to mid-’40s ( or in just 20-7°C).

    If you want to use Bogota’s warmest climate months, make reasonable expectations concerning everything»hot climate» means in this region of Colombia. Even at its peak temperatures in April and May, the city’s temperatures rarely climb more than 68°F (20°C).

    But remember that these are also the weeks that determine the most significant tourism rates, so be expecting to pay high dollar for flights and accommodations.

    To reduce costs, consider traveling throughout the lesser populated months of July, September, or October to get sure to have the best time to travel to Colombia.



    Once regarded as the planet’s most dangerous city, Medellin has turned into Colombia’s beacon of change and admired internationally for its flourishing economy and innovative methods into infrastructure.

    The Medellin of now is just a city that’s conscious of its foundation but has worked tirelessly to make a new title for itself. The town’s optimistic renaissance is mainly due to Medellin’s those who channelled their despair for their best time to travel to Colombia.

    That has enabled the current Medellin to be the ideal vacation destination for individuals looking to delight the town’s forward movement.

    Now’s Medellin is much more than just its past. Consequently, it skips the Pablo Escobar tour and instead honours its progress. Just take a walkthrough Medellin’s Comuna 13, when the city’s many violent areas transform into a secure harbour for the community’s youth.

    Cloaked in colorful and symbolic graffiti art created to encourage its citizens, you’re come across kiddies musicians and playing practicing their craft, and a far cry from the actuality of the best time to travel to Colombia.

    best time to visit medellin

    Whenever you opt to produce the trip to Medellin, you’ll be fulfilled by manicured conditions that possess the location dubbed»the city of Spring». Year-round temperatures keep near about roughly 75°F (2 4 °C) with temperatures seldom exceeding eighty-three °F (28°C) in the newest of July. In a nutshell, the best time to travel to Colombia.

    Pack at soft layers and extend from becoming such a thing overly thick as you won’t ever see temperatures that measure at lower than sixty °F (17°C) at any given point throughout the year. We ended up kidding, Medellin is truly as eternally spring as it receives.

    Humidity is not a component in Medellin; thus don’t be concerned too much about any of it while still going your journey. Instead, you organize your excursion all around summit seasons to indulge your interests.

    Love flowers? You’ll wish to visit throughout the weeks in April-August to grab the most farms in their own fullest and cleverest. Or maybe you consider yourself a coffee connoisseur? Alternatively, you’ll want to go during April or even May to enjoy a tour into a nearby coffee harvest in Colombia’s»espresso Axis» or even Eje Cafetero to master more on the place’s topic exceptional coffee time to travel to Colombia.

    Tourism to Medellin is prevalent through the weeks of January, April, and might avoid travelling throughout those months when you are usually a charge conscious traveller.

    Tourism into the city takes a dip throughout July, September, and October, therefore consider the best time to travel to Colombia.


    Generally, national vacations are the best time to travel to Colombia and thus, a minimized labor force during this time. When traveling internationally, an overall clinic attempts to prevent national holidays if you should be seeking to reduce prices.

    Below is a list of Native national vacations you’ll wish to plan to attend (or even avoid) relying on your travelling targets.

    COLOMBIAN NATIONAL Vacations IN 2019

    January Inch — Nuevo Ano

    January 6 — Dia de Los Reyes Magos

    March 2 3 — Dia de San Jose

    April 9 — Maundy Thursday

    April 10 — Good Friday

    May 1 — Labor Day

    Might 25 — Ascension Day

    June 2-4 — Corpus Cristi

    June 15 — Sacred Heart

    July 20 — Independence Day

    August 7 — Battle of Boyaca Day

    August 17 — Assumption Day

    October 12 — Columbus Day

    November 2 — All Saints Day

    November 11 — Cartagena Independence Day

    December 25 — Xmas

    Eje Cafetero

    The entire world’s third-largest coffee bean producer, Colombia can be an excellent state for tastings and tours. The vast most production occurs in the subtropical hills west of Bogota among the small towns of Armenia, Pereira, and Manizales.

    The region, called the Eje Cafetero (or espresso Axis), houses an expanding amount of coffee plantations which have opened their operations to the general public in the past several years for tours, tastings, along with luxury farm stays.

    These little (and frequently organic) plantations are the kind of regions where the farmer-owner could require an hour of the day to day spell out the practice of how a humble»cherry» turns to a java bean that could one day be eaten and earth to a latte back home.

    The little resort city of Salento is readily the best time to travel to Colombia, together with many different plantation tours near along with a great deal of activities todo.

    You’ll also have easy accessibility to sights such as Cocora Valley, property to the most popular palm trees on earth. You can rent bicycles out of Salento to explore the region beneath your own steam or ride on one of those old-fashioned Willy jeeps that serve as town’s de-facto taxis.


    Photo the Amazon, Colombia may well not function as the first country to come into the brain — which is strange, as roughly a third of the country is blanketed in its dense (and frequently impenetrable) jungles.

    The funding of this vast Amazon Basin is your little frontier town of Leticia, which sits across the mighty Amazon River banks, right where Colombia bumps up against Brazil and Peru.

    Leticia creates an excellent base for eco-tourism, wildlife safaris, or slips in the Amazon to know about the indigenous tribes who call this region home.

    The only means to establish here is by aeroplane from Bogotá. You may also keep forward by boat either downriver into Manaus, Brazil, or upriver into Iquitos, Peru.

    Tayrona National Organic Park

    You are going to find a number of the top beaches in Colombia inside of the secure Tayrona National Natural Park, and it’s famous for its palm-shaded coves and crystal clear coastal lagoons. best time to travel to Colombia.

    Many shores are set from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta’s magnificent mountains, whose rainforested hills make for a beautiful road excursion on the best time to travel to Colombia.

    Tayrona is also an excellent place for snorkeling in protected areas near La Piscina beach and Cabo San Juan. Though distant, these secluded beaches are not exactly a mystery, so it is the best time to travel to Colombia (February to November) to prevent the vast audiences.

    Also, unless you’re paying to get your own luxurious Ecohabs Tayrona, then be ready to sleep at a jar (or hammock) at a few of many beach-side campgrounds.

    The-Lost City

    Colombia’s most popular hike is the most famous, 44-kilometer trek to Ciudad Perdida, a misplaced city hidden deep in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains that were only rediscovered in the 1970s—designed and occupied from Tayrona Indians involving the 8th and 14 centuries, that this ancient city is supposedly one of the most significant pre-Columbian settlements discovered in the Americas, the best time to travel to Colombia.

    A lot of your website remains buried beneath a rocky jungle quilt—that the contemporary indigenous inhabitants of this region have banned excavations—.

    Still, you will discover that the stone terraces and stairways come in outstanding form. It’s Not Feasible to Pay a Visit to this site alone, so you will Have the best time to travel to Colombia.

    Providencia Island

    This unique Caribbean Island leaves many first-time people confused. For starters, it’s much nearer to Nicaragua than Colombia. Subsequently, there is the fact its the best time to travel to Colombia

    None of that matters if you wind up sunning on the very magnificent beaches beneath the Colombian flag.

    A bit over a dollop of golden sands and perky hands, this isolated island would be the gem of this UNESCO-protected Seaflower Biosphere Reserve, with some of the world’s most significant marine biodiversity just waiting to be explored.

    You’ll need to 1st stop about the very popular San Andrés Island and grab some short hopper plane or three-hour catamaran trip to accomplish Providencia. When there, you will locate the best time to travel to Colombia and hotels inside the little hamlet of all Aguadulce around the stunning west shore of this island.


    Lovers of magic realism and the writings of Gabriel García Márquez will fall to its exhausted charms of Mompox. It comprises prominently at the Nobel laureate’s book The General in His Labyrinth.

    It is supposed to best time to travel to Colombia, One Hundred Years of Solitude.

    Mompox was once a prosperous cog from the trading route between your Caribbean shore and the Andes, famed as the spot where»El Libertador» Simón Bolívar recruited his army to obtain liberty for neighbouring Venezuela.

    This colonial relic over the Magdalena River’s muddy beaches is truly a city that time forgot.

    Nevertheless, it lacks a wealth of items to do. Many people find themselves spending far longer than planned drifting through the cobbled streets; the best time to travel to Colombia.

    bathing from the ambience of their colonial structure; or shooting ship trips throughout the Pijiño Swamp, a popular attraction for birders.


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