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    best time to travel to amsterdam
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    Amsterdam, fondly known as the metropolis of canals is among the most affluent cities in Europe with the unparalleled artistic tradition. A popular amongst most travelers, Amsterdam produces a fantastic destination year-round.

    However, the weeks of April and might before summer and September into November before the onset of winter, happen to become the best time to travel to Amsterdam. If you are planning a day in Amsterdam, here’s all you should be aware of before you reserve tickets!

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    What Is The Best Time To Travel To Amsterdam


    Months of April and May and September to November, the best time to travel to Amsterdam only before and immediately after summer is terrific for sightseeing with tourists around.


    Cold winter season weeks of December and January with the number of vacationers and fantastic prices are beneficial to backpackers on a shoestring budget.


    November to April is perfect for honeymooners, although the weather remains cold while the city is blanketed in love with the additional gain of shoulder season.


    Amsterdam has a busy social calendar during the year, but April may be your most sought after month with the tulip festival, film festival and several others.

    Amsterdam Through The Calendar Year

    High Season in best time to travel to Amsterdam months of April to September is considered the high time for Amsterdam. A large influx of tourists begins around the well-known Keukenhof Tulip Festival in mid-April and goes for the next few weeks. Weather during summers is fine with intermittent heavy rain.

    The whole city arrives in life as folks flock that the parks, slopes, canals and cafes. You have to get prepared for long queues for the most effective points of interest of this city.

    Shoulder Season in Amsterdam Throughout March and September into November is the best time to travel to Amsterdam, the tourist period starts waning. Weather gets more unpredictable although it’s still not overly chilly.

    Those searching for excellent bargains and discounts on bookings need to plan a visit in this period. There was an added benefit of not needing to circulate all around with huge crowds, giving you more time to take in this metropolis’s vibrant vibe.

    Low-season in Amsterdam Packed using several events and festivals during the year, Amsterdam barely sees a Very Low season. But months from November through mid-December and mid-January through February would be the so-called low season in Amsterdam. Grey and gloomy sky, chilly subtropical weather, and spurts of rainfall are characteristic of Amsterdam’s winters, perhaps not the most alluring climate to maintain and about.

    However, people who appreciate layering on their own using hot woollens and sipping on mugs of chocolate will surely love the Amsterdam winters.

    Best Season to See Amsterdam

    Amsterdam In Spring

    After a protracted bout of chill, Spring brings the greatest from Amsterdam and its landscapes. The tulip period runs from mid-March to early May, yanking thousands from around the entire world to find precisely the famed freshwater buds. If you’re preparing your trip around this moment, make sure that you see the Keukenhof Gardens witness the best time to travel to Amsterdam

    Amsterdam In Summer Months

    Summer is the full-time people anticipate a ray of hot sunshine, and fine weather, though it is likewise indicated with occasional deep rainfall. Conveniently on the beach or some patio, enjoy a boat cruise across the canals, rejoice the umpteen festivals organized in saltwater, or only organize a picnic in a park.

    Amsterdam In Fall

    With briefer days, a nip from the air, orange and red-leafed trees liner up the roadways and golden leaves hammering the trails, Amsterdam airs a magical charm during autumn. There was a calm coziness in the roads, canals and parks right after the bustling summers. With many cultural activities intended for autumn, best time to travel to Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam In Winter

    In the event you love winters there’s no particular place than Amsterdam. This fairytale similar to city twinkling with a white blanket of snow appears straight from a postcard. Festive fairs, snow pursuits and gourmet-food beamed increase the attractiveness.

    Evenings are even dazzling with all the Amsterdam mild festival adorning the canals along with bewitching fairy lighting and cozy cafes humming with music.

    A Month-By-Month Guide To Seeing Amsterdam

    Amsterdam In January

    Though it’s undoubtedly one of those coldest months of this calendar year, January can be impregnated with article holiday serene. Tourists are lean around the period of this calendar year, yet the souls are all alive and kicking! Bars and clubs gear to get a cosier time, museums are now at their utmost using thrilling displays, indoor tasks swell up, and there are numerous events to anticipate.

    The metropolis is ventilated with recessed lighting owing to an ethereal January. Ice skating on Amsterdam’s frozen canals is an adventure you must register up for if you’re the best time to travel to Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam At February

    February is the coldest and driest month of the year in Amsterdam. Nevertheless, the town is buzzing with indoor activities and actions requiring one to theatres, cinemas, museums etc.; every providing something one-of-a-kind and entertaining. There might not be a more splendid spot than Amsterdam to spend Valentine’s day!

    The city also offers tons to offer for festival and music enthusiasts during the entire month of February. VanGogh Museum, Anne Frank House, Hermitage Amsterdam, Huis Marseille Images Museum and Lots of others run exclusive displays through the month. Grab a hot cuppa and the best time to travel to Amsterdam inside throughout the snow-clad 30 days of February.

    Amsterdam In March

    Spring has been rearing its head at Amsterdam In March, and also the temperatures are beginning to grow. The elements are pleasantly mild, without the winter chill, also is ideal for walking without even struggling with humidity. The downside is that the ocean is still too cold to get a swim!

    The city is gearing up for Sant Medir, St. Joseph Oriol, and Saint Patricks. Each of the festivals calls for a public party with food, beverages, and merriment! Shared activities such as Rally Amsterdam-Sitges, Amsterdam Marathon and worldwide Beer Festival make sure everybody else comes to get a special moment!

    Amsterdam In April

    With Spring in full bloom, the same month of April is delightfully hot and pleasant in Amsterdam. The sky is clear, attracting the natives and tourists outside their cosy winter hideaways toward the canals, streets, parks and cafe patios. The channels are no more frozen, or so the town’s famous canal cruises are straight back on the trail. April marks the start of tulip blossom in Amsterdam, subsequently indicating the outset of tourist time.

    Thousands and thousands flock into the Keukenhof flower backyard out of Amsterdam, and you should know as well! Get together with all the locals and Take Pleasure in Easter, Semana Santa along with the King’s Day lavish Festivities in April. If you’re a memorial enthusiast, the nationwide Museum Week together with exclusive displays and workshops can be an exciting affair!best time to travel to Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam In May Possibly

    May brings it plenty of sunshine warmth and cheers into the city of Amsterdam. External activities are all galore, and the squares, canals, and parks are packed with locals and tourists alike. May marks the state premium tourist best time to travel to Amsterdam with hordes of tourists throughout the town.

    Though at one hand it may mean higher rates for reservations, longer queues and less calm, and the crowds attract with them an energy that is vitality. With some intelligent preparation, you can enjoy the town into its fullest. Many songs festivals like Liberation Pop, London Calling, Moulin Blues International Blues & Roots Festival and many others await you everywhere May.

    Amsterdam At June

    The warm and relatively warm month of June is breezy and cheery. Distinct blue skies and summertime blossoms make Amsterdam a heavenly paradise for all types of travellers. Canals bustling with lined and aisles with gabled houses create a mesmerizing sight.

    June brings a chaotic social calendar with open-air music festivals like the Holland festival gracing the summery atmosphere with peppy music. Open Garden Occasions frees the people in the backyards over 25 of the finest canal homes in town.

    The Aalsmeer Flower Festival celebrates summer blooms and side new music performances, street theatre, and a variety of refreshments. Summertime is in the atmosphere best time to travel to Amsterdam!

    Amsterdam At July

    July sees a Great Deal of sunshine and warmth and therefore no respite from the Travelers. However, this means slightly more rush and waiting time in various attractions. Grab an Amsterdam town Card, and you are useful to bypass the arduous queues outside most interests, allowing you to make the best time to travel to Amsterdam.

    This season sees many enjoyable functions of the calendar — The Amsterdam International Fashion Week for trend enthusiasts, Amsterdam Roots Festival for audio lovers, Comedytrain global Summer Festival and best time to travel to Amsterdam to help keep you thoroughly amused.

    Amsterdam In August

    August marks the end of the summer months, no matter how the temperatures continue to be mild and warm with inexplicable bouts of rain. The summertime storms continue to be in souls, letting you explore the city and its Arabian countryside to the fullest. Beaches game a craggy audience whilst the best time to travel to Amsterdam.

    The ethnic calendar is packed with several annual music festivals, open-air performances and theatres. Delight Amsterdam is about its very last leg Assessing all the rainbow colours to get your LGBTQIA community. The pleasure peaks throughout the first week of August once the Canal pleasure Parade takes place over the historical Amsterdam Canals where the world converges to observe delight!

    Amsterdam In September

    September although a part of shoulder-length, can be a remarkable moment to pay a visit to Amsterdam. Weather continues to be light, and you have the additional benefit of thinner crowds and reduced travel costs. The metropolis continues to be flourishing with outdoor events like rooftop events, outdoor movie screenings, food and beverage festivals and much more.

    This season sees Several famous festivals such as the Nederlands Theater Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Open Monument Day, Barrel Organ Festival, and Amsterdam Wine Festival. Near the end of September, you may observe the bushes dangling from green into gold, marking the start of autumn,best time to travel to Amsterdam.

    Amsterdam In October

    Those who enjoy a cold nip in the best time to travel to Amsterdam. The tourist hordes have headed household, and you’re able to expect much better rates, shorter queues and tranquil surroundings. Autumn brings it a magic change since the trees fringing the cobbled streets and canals encircle themselves in hues of gold-green, orange and reddish foliage.

    With oct officially indicating the low season, get a possibility to explore the famed museums of Amsterdam including the Van Gogh museum along with Anne Frank home in silent contemplation. If you’re searching for outdoorsy items throughout the month, you also might have the Amsterdam Dance Event and PINT Bokbier Festival to continue to keep you time to travel to Amsterdam

    Amsterdam At November

    Amsterdam commences getting cold in November best time to travel to Amsterdam. Using a negligible influx of tourists, you have the whole city to yourself. Trainers and cafes pay down for cozier indoor museums and settings possess particular displays to keep you glued inside.

    The coming of Sinterklaas, the Dutch Santa Claus about mid-November brings a festive atmosphere for the town. Museumnacht, the annual museum night gives you a one of a kind possibility to museum hop throughout the night! November is quiet on the outdoors, but going on indoors; thus layer upward and head out.

    Amsterdam At December

    In December, Amsterdam is among the best time to travel to Amsterdam, but the festivity of Xmas markets with attractively lit-up canal homes is worth braving the glow. The city squares are booming with vacation markets and also the canals suspend to magnificent ice skating rinks. Critics have more stellar exhibits on-screen and reside performances shoot over the town.

    Several summer festivals and functions like Tango Train — the Tango Music festival that the stunning Amsterdam Light Festival, Christmas and NewYear Eve’s parties retain the spirits high afloat through the snow at December makes the best time to travel to Amsterdam.


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