21 Best National Parks In Canada

    best national parks in canada
    jasper national park

    It’s no secret that even one of the primary reasons people see Canada is for the chance to explore the nation’s gorgeous, untouched wilderness. So much iconic imagery out of the genuinely excellent White North revolves around the arctic mountains, vast forests, and brilliant arctic lakes. And that’s precisely what you get once you have the time to pay a visit to the Best national parks in Canada.

    To help you experience the best that Canada offers, we have curated a list of Canada’s finest national parks for you personally below.

    Best National Parks In Canada Review

    banff national park

    Seeing that it’s the best understood and most visited national park in Canada, no one should be astonished to see Banff National Park towards the very top with this list. This imperial expanse of wilderness over Alberta’s Rocky Mountains can be a treasured and iconic Canadian landmark.

    Currently, Banff, the Best national parks in Canada, was set in 1885 and the portion of this Canadian Rockies UNESCO World Heritage site. Why Banff is indeed special is how the balance between your snow-capped peaks of the Rockies and the gorgeous blues of lakes such as Lake Louise and Moraine Lake. It is very much a playground for those who enjoy the outdoors. Banff National Park is filled with hiking and horse riding opportunities from the summertime and skiing and skiing activities through the summertime.

    jasper national park

    One of the Best national parks in Canada parks associated with all the Canadian Rockies is the Jasper National Park in western Alberta. While it is usually in contrast to Banff, you will find a significant few aspects to Jasper that set aside it and solidify its position as one of the very best Canadian federal parks. Covering exactly 11,000 square kilometers, Jasper is significantly bigger than Banff and far more rocky and wild, making it ideal for travelers to experience the Canadian wilderness.

    When you can find winter tasks available in Jasper, the park is better explored by hiking and biking between its glaciers, lakes, and springs in the summer months. The Columbia Icefields, in particular, is a charm here that’s perhaps not to be overlooked.

    yoho national park

    As a result of their broad range, the Rocky Mountains move through multiple parks on this list, for example, Yoho National Park. Best national parks in Canada, this national park in British Columbia was set all of the ways in 1886. Just one year afterward, Banff was. Yoho National Park is currently home to the Canadian Rockies’ many classic functions, including magnificent lakes, rugged hills, and endless trekking possible.

    Some of that park’s most intriguing attractions are the Burgess Shale fossils, which can be 508 million years old and pre-date the dinosaurs. However, of course, there’s a great deal of fantastic scenery as effectively due to landmarks such as Emerald Lake and Chancellor Peak.

    Gros Morne National Park

    Together with its royal fjords and a remarkable array of surroundings, Gros Morne National Park is the Best national parks in Canada. Across its mighty land that crosses 1,805 sq km, you’ll find a variety of distinct terrains, from towering hills and distant beaches to lean bogs.

    This ever-changing scene leaves it an absolute dream for people that love hiking; in fact, it may be the Best national parks in Canada for multi-day treks. However, the two most classic elements of the UNESCO World Heritage Website are its gorgeous fjords like Western Brook Pond Fjord along with the Tablelands, a rare example of rocks from down in the planet’s crust.

    Prince Edward Island National Park

    For some superb coastal surroundings in Canada, you’ll need to visit Prince Edward Island, National Park. This federal park in the west end of the island state of the same name is adored because of its coastal beaches and striking cliffs. Covering 27 square kilometers around the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Prince Edward Island National Park is mainly made up of beaches, dunes, and wetlands.

    Indeed, one of the excellent elements relating to this park is how accessible it is, even with coastal paths and shores that are easy to reach. The best national parks in Canada can be home to some notable historical landmarks, like the Covehead Harbour Lighthouse and a 19th-century farm, which motivated the famous Anne of Green Gables books.

    Fundy National Park

    What exactly makes seeing Fundy National Park,Best national parks in Canada , is, therefore, memorable is you could see two very different sides of the park based on which time of day you visit. That’s because this federal park in New Brunswick adventures the most astonishing tides in the world, having a reversal of 1 2 meters into the water levels in an issue of hours.

    At low tide, you will not have any trouble walking around the Bay of Fundy’s muddy seafloor, while the high tide is a various narrative. Elsewhere in Fundy National Park, you’ll see more than 25 pretty waterfalls and tons of day hikes along the park’s rugged coastline.

    Pacific Rim National Park Reserve

    Over on the far coast of Canada is located the Pacific Rim National Park, still another excellent destination for most un-touched seaside scenery fans. Spanning 511 sq km over the west shore of Vancouver Island, this national park is made up of 3 segments: Long Beach, the Broken team islands, and the West Coast path.

    As can probably be imagined, extended Beach is home to several beaches and is a popular spot for surfing along with whale watching. Even the Broken team islands contain over one hundred tiny islands, ideal for commuting and trekking. In the end, there is the West Coast Trail that stretches for 75 km, among the Best national parks in Canada.

    Wapusk National Park

    Venturing way out into the remote reaches of northeast Manitoba, we now have Wapusk National Park. This reasonably young park was established in 1996 and is situated across Hudson Bay to the southeast of Churchill. The title Wapusk comes in the Cree for the polar bear, which makes sense since the park is regarded as one the most incredible places on the planet to see polar bears that are ghostly.

    Other wildlife found within this exceptionally remote part of Canada includes moose, wolves, and arctic foxes. Getting to Wapusk National Park is challenging as finding its nature, though, together with a helicopter, precisely the only means to accomplish specified components like the Best national parks in Canada.

    Riding Mountain National Park

    Maybe not many Best national parks in Canada are utterly remote, as Riding Mountain National Park is viewed in Manitoba. Sitting close to Highway 10 and home into the town of Wasagaming, this national park is also actually a comfortable and cozy spot for some outdoor adventures. Riding Mountain National Park rests beneath the Manitoba Escarpment in Treaty 2 Territory and dwelling to First Nation peoples for tens of thousands of decades.

    Aside from its cultural history, the park is famous for the different wildlife, which predicts its forest and grassland home, such as wild bison, elk, and cougars. FIt’sMost Effective to head to your Loon’s Island Trail above by Katherine Lake. for wildlife spotting

    Grasslands National Park

    Canada is also home to an astonishing number of distinct landscapes and environments, but the nation’s hills and woods get the absolute most interest. That is why Best national parks in Canada in Saskatchewan are fascinating as they showcase another side of nature in Canada;

    within this case, the country’s prairie grasslands. Sprawling more than 907 sq km from the boundary with Montana’s American nation, Grasslands National Park is currently home to a variety of wildlife. Nevertheless, the black-tailed prairie pet deserves a particular course. Other intriguing attractions include:

    • Seeing dinosaur fossils.
    • Carrying an old-fashioned wagon ride.
    • Camping out in a traditional tipi.

    La Mauricie National Park

    Dotted with over a hundred and fifty lakes and many waterfalls and ponds, there is plenty to research in La Mauricie National Park. Found among the Laurentian mountains in Quebec, this Best national parks in Canada is easily achieved from Quebec City and Montreal. Inside its 536 sq km of woods, you will come across moose, beavers, black bears, and otters if you are lucky.

    However, the very widely used tasks in La Mauricie often revolve around its wealth of water, even from swimming at the base of waterfalls to canoeing and kayaking around its most lakes. So if you should be trying to add a backyard adventure or camping to a Quebec visit, then that national park may be an excellent place to do it.

    Prince Albert National Park

    A year-round destination, Prince Albert National Park seems like a patio playground for those who visit. Found in fundamental Saskatchewan, a little north of Prince Albert, the national park covers 3,874 square kilometers of woods and lakes. Prince Albert National Park is a substantial popular destination since its heritage in 1927.

    It has led to the evolution of different holiday destinations beyond the park’s borders in the Christopher Lake area. Activities in the national park are all naturally somewhat seasonal, i.e., trekking and canoeing during the summer, cross-country ski during winter months, and searching for free-range bison during autumn.

    Auyuittuq National Park

    When there are more new national parks launched in Canada, Auyuittuq National Park may be the Best national parks in Canada. Established as a nature book in 1972, Auyuittuq was not officially created a federal park before 2000. The playground can be found on the Best national parks in Canada on the land of Nunavut and covers 21,470 square kilometers of uncooked Arctic landscapes.

    Exploring Auyuittuq National Park, you’re taken care of glaciers, tundra, granite mountains, and claustrophobic fjords, not to mention fascinating creatures like narwhal and ringed seals. Along with different outdoor activities accessible, it is possible to learn more about life for local Inuit through diverse cultural activities.

    Forillon National Park

    Even though the Rockies may function as absolutely the most popular, they are not the only selection of mountains in Canada. The Appalachians also extend nicely into Canada and can be explored with a visit to Forillon National Park in Quebec. Running at the Gaspé Peninsula’s close, this federal park addresses 244 square km and a significant array of landscapes that have Best national parks in Canada.

    Exploring Forillon, you are treated to everything from dunes and coastal waterfalls to lush woods and salt marshes. While trekking is indeed famous here, there’s only too much fun to ignore the coast with activities like rack up paddle boarding and whale watching.

    Nahanni National Park

    Property to wildlife and among the absolute most dramatic waterways within the country, Nahanni National Park is sure to please those individuals. This Best national parks in Canada covers an enormous 30,050 square km inside the Northwest Territories and is wilderness in every sense of the word. Nahanni National Park’s defining characteristic could be your wild South Nahanni River, which divides its way through some jaw-dropping canyons.

    Understandably, many people choose this white water river for experience activities such as rafting and kayaking. Nahanni National Park can be Best national parks in Canada and is planting wolves, grizzly bears, and caribou.

    Cape Breton Highlands National Park

    Using a little bit of everything, it is easy to see why Cape Breton Highlands National Park is a well-known vacation destination in Canada. The park was created in 1936 and handled 949 sq km over the northern shore of Cape Breton Island. Now, if this national park at Nova Scotia just needed its sweeping views of the Best national parks in Canada,

    it would continue to be super hot. And Best national parks in Canada also have up countless hiking paths across mountains, deserts, and plateaus together with its coastline. Probably one of the most popular trails could be the tender seven-kilometer Skyline Trail that takes you to some brilliant cliff-top viewpoints.

    Kluane National Park

    To find a number of these absolute most extreme elements that Canada offers, consider a visit to Best national parks in Canada. Known following the Kluane men and women, this federal park in southwest Yukon has considerable First Nation heritage. Interestingly, only 5,900 square kilometers of those 22,013 sq kilometers that Kluane National Park and Reserve covers are a federal park.

    That distinction will not change how remarkable this protected space is with its mountains, glaciers, and tundra. After all, the book is home to Canada’s highest peak in Mount Logan and its most significant ice niche. Kluane National Park and Reserve highlight nature are raw power and beauty in a manner that’s difficult to find elsewhere in the united states.

    Level Pelee National Park

    Point Pelee National Park takes the honor of being the southernmost point of southern Canada and sits down on Lake Erie’s shores. Its place in Ontario is a brief drive from the border and Detroit, allowing it to be one of Best national parks in Canada that are accessible.

    See, and you’re going to discover a narrow peninsula packed with marsh and forests that are a hugely significant ecological environment and habitat for migratory birds and Monarch butterflies. That is why Best national parks in Canada was first established in 1918 as Canada’s first conservation-focused federal park. Besides appreciating its seasonal wildlife functions, Point Pelee presents biking and walking trails, sandy beaches, and other recreational water sport.

    Kootenay National Park

    Our final playground associated with the Best national parks in Canada is Kootenay National Park. Present in British Columbia at the southern end with this national parks collection, Kootenay handles 1,406 square kilometers of this Canadian Rockies.

    As crucial to the park as the hills will be the Kootenay River and Vermilion River, the two create some devastatingly beautiful surroundings. Besides these glacial flows, Kootenay National Park now offers visitors hot springs, deep canyons, and gorgeous waterfalls that are bound to continue to keep you busy. But naturally, together with the Rockies because of its central attribute, hiking the park’s many trails is its primary appeal.

    Waterton Lakes National Park

    Were it not for Canada and the united states’ boundary, and, likely, Waterton Lakes National Park of Canada and Glacier National Park in the united states would be just one national park. The only real difference between the two would be that side of the edge they fall.

    This means you may get precisely the very same magnificent scenery by the mountains, mountains along with prairie lands of Waterton Lakes National Park that you’d find in the far more famous American national park. With a call for this park at Alberta, you have numerous picturesque biking trails to pick from that could take you throughout its 505 square km rugged and crazy nature.

    Therefore, you’ve got it, an exciting and diverse collection of national parks around Canada. Each place within this particular list is guaranteed to leave you with fond reminiscences and reveal to you something unique concerning Canada’s charming wilderness.

    Of course, there are even more Canadian parks not listed here that are not worth detecting. They comprise the biggest national park in Canada — Wood Buffalo and the tiniest national park in Canada — Georgian Bay Island National Park, proving there’s no limit to Canada’s natural wonders.


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