15 Best Day Trips From Belgrade

    best day trips from belgrade
    sremski karlovci

    Although Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is known for the lively nightlife, and additionally, it hasfor several days. When you have seen exactly what Belgrade offers, though, it is the right time to begin taking a look at the various other interesting destinations around the world as Bangkok.

    A number of the best regions to see in Serbia could be seen on each daily trip from the main city, plus you’ll find some wonderful places past Serbia’s boundaries as well. So, include a couple of extra days to a Belgrade journey and decide which of their best day trips from Belgrade are interesting to put in your holiday destination.

    Best Day Trips From Belgrade

    novi sad

    Serbia’s second-biggest city, Novi Sad, could be the attention on their absolute most popular day tours from Belgrade. In comparison to Belgrade, Novi Sad feels a lot more relaxed and uncomplicated, which makes it a joy to explore at your own personal speed. Start outside in the most important square of Trg Slobode, at which you are going to come across some classy architecture on the screen, including the City Hall and the Title of Mary Church.

    Stroll between never-ending pubs on Zmaj Jovina road and also make the right path for the stunning Bishop’s Palace. Elsewhere in the city, you will find that the Novi Sad Synagogue which is never to be overlooked as a result of its dimension and structure. Last, however, cross the river into the Petrovaradin Fortress that offers an exemplary view around the Danube to the town.

    Getting there: Among those few easy train trips from Belgrade, Novi Sad normally takes just two hours 15 minutes to reach. However, buses tend to be more regular and only take 1 hour 40 minutes. To combine Novi unhappy along with different attractions in the area, best day trips from Belgrade.

    sremski karlovci

    Despite its small size, there are lots for travelers to escape from a day visit for the grandeur of Serbia from the 18th century. Commence your visit to the town’s most important square in which many draws can be spotted. From That Point, You May Observe the Town Hall, Patriarch’s Palace, both the 4 Lion Fountain and other buildings that are ancestral.

    Down the street stays the beautiful Karlovci Gymnasium, Serbia’s very first secondary school. Among the town’s most churches, the Lady of Peace Chapel definitely stands apart. That’s as it had been there that Austria and Turkey signed up the peace treaty to finish the best day trips from Belgrade .

    Getting there: Even though there are no tremendous variety of daily departures, there are trains and Sremski Karlovci from Belgrade. An easier option that will additionally show you Novi unhappy will be best day trips from Belgrade.


    A previous film place in Serbia, called Drvengrad, is one of many more popular Belgrade afternoon trips available on the market. This recreated Serbian village has been built for its movie Life Is magic, directed by Emir Kusturica in 2002. Ever since then, Kustendorf, since it is known, has become a favorite ethnic village, showcasing the best day trips from Belgrade.

    But the village additionally upholds the manager’s love of film due to the Stanley Kubrick Cinema, in which Kusturica’s movies have already been shown. The roads of Drvengrad are lined with antique automobiles and named after famous people both international and provincial, for example, Nikola Tesla, Novak Djokovic, along with Diego Maradona.

    Finding there: Drvengrad is a lot to get to by public transport from Belgrade. This usually means moving with an organized tour is your best day trips from Belgrade.

    golubac fortress

    Easily among the best day trips from Belgrade, Golubac Fortress makes an immediate impression when you see it. According to the banks of the Danube River at the entry to the Đerdap Gorge, this 14th-century fortress has got the advantage of notable surroundings. But this complicated and also its ten towers would look like it goes in a fairy-tale no matter what its surroundings.location.

    Today people can delight in those exact same views of the lake out of the towers at the fortress. Inside, vacationers may see shows which depth the foundation of this fortress throughout tales of neglected conquests and newly discovered artifacts.

    Getting there: you will find many buses daily that make the two 1/2 hour journey from Belgrade into Golubac. If you really don’t want to take care of the trouble of bus schedules, it’s best day trips from Belgrade.

    Đerdap National Park

    When it comes to things to watch at Serbia out of Belgrade, Đerdap National Park deserves to be high on most traveler’s lists. This enormous nationwide park follows the Danube River through the Đerdap Gorge, known as the striking Iron Circuit. For pretty much 100km, this gorge carves its way around Europe, supplying the border between Serbia and Romania.

    Sometimes, the steep cliffs that line the gorge are high as 500m from your river, creating an imposing air. The terrain across the shore park fluctuates from mountains into ravines and lakes. This usually means that you don’t need to move to get a great

     excursion of this area. For a broader visit, however, you have to either drive yourself or book a unique cruise along the Danube.

    fruška gora

    To get the best day trips from Belgrade, it is hard to overcome Fruska Gora National Park. Not merely is the federal park dwelling into magnificent rolling hills covered in woods and orchards. However, it is home to 16 Orthodox monasteries sprinkled throughout.

    Located only south of Novi Sad, the monasteries are entirely on both sides of the mountains, together with Novo Hopovo, Jazak, along with Vrdnik-Ravanica Monasteries BE ing some of those standouts. Form monasteries, Fruska Gora, is popular for the villages, wineries, and trekking trails. For the best day trips from Belgrade, make sure to stay on course to the Vidikovac Zmajevac view.

    Viminacium & Lepenski Vir

    For an excursion through Serbia’s ancient history, there is absolutely no greater mixture of destinations than Lepenski Vir along with Viminacium. Lepenski Vir at the Đerdap Gorge is an archaeological site in which the remains of Europe’s earliest ancient cultures can be found. In the Victorian memorial and visitor center, or Lepenski Vir, there are the remains of sculptures, buildings, and skeletons from people who existed around 6000 BC.

    Your second end, the Viminacium archaeological website, specializes in the considerably subsequent Roman metropolis of Viminacium. You can find countless woods, roads, waterfalls, and also amphitheaters in the ancient Roman city, which could be seen inside of this best day trips from Belgrade.

    Getting there: general public transport choices from Belgrade to the archaeological sites are historical sites is by choosing a guided Danube cruise that insures.


    Suggesting the fair city of Topola as each daily trip vacation destination may seem unusual. Hidden away in fundamental Serbia,» Topola is unassuming. The story here begins with the historical relationship between Topola along with the Karađorđevic dynasty, after the Royal Family of Serbia and Yugoslavia. The creator of the dynasty was a man known as Karađorđe, a leader during the First Serbian Uprising from the Ottomans.

    The remains of many different members of this dynasty can be understood from the Mausoleum of the St. George Church in town. On the other hand, to Topola’s worth understanding is it’s home to a few of Serbia’s finest winemakers. With wine cellars scattered through town, and wineries abounding, you may not have to go far in best day trips from Belgrade.

    Getting there: Your best bet is going on a guided excursion on which you don’t have to be concerned about public transport hassles.


    To get off the beaten trail just a minor, head to the little metropolis of Vršac. This small town city in eastern Serbia can actually be a fantastic showcase of the tasteful buildings which may be located across the nation. Start facing the front of the unconventional town Hall having its best day trips from Belgrade.

    Wandering past an old-fashioned pharmacy down the silent city roads, you are going to visit the thickest double spires of the Vrsac Roman Catholic Cathedral, that can be looking indoors. The most important historical buildings in town would be the expansive older Bishop’s court docket in the 18th century. Even elderly though maybe your hilltop symbol of the city, which has a wonderful perspective, Vršac Castle.

    Getting there: Regular bicycles get the 1 hour 40 minute trip out of Belgrade into Vrsac, which makes it one of the best day trips from Belgrade .

    Resava, along with Ravanica

    In the event that you would like a wonderful mix of history and nature on every daily life out, consider the fascinating pairing of Resava Cave along with Ravanica Monastery. Present in southern Serbia, Resava Cave is amongst the best day trips from Belgrade.

    Have a trip down into the cave you’re going to be dealt with to a staggering exhibit of halls filled with flowstone waterfalls, stalactites, and stalagmites. As you go, you’re going to be exhibited named formations like the firm, the Bell, and the Hung Sheep. Perhaps not too much away is the second halt, Ravanica Monastery. Built-in 1377 to get Prince Lazar of Serbia that was later buried there, this Serbian Orthodox Monastery has a couple ofexactly how well-preserved the monastery is.

    Getting there: Both sites have been quite a distance out of the nearest towns and not reachable from public transport. This means that the most useful option for visiting both in best day trips from Belgrade.


    Those who are supporters of record may find the industrial metropolis of Kragujevac right up their street. Found in the middle of the country, Kragujevac was the very first capital of contemporary Serbia. Now the town can be a mix of noble heritage, plus it has a newer industrial history.

    They are looking at buildings such as the Aged Church, Assembly, and also the Very First Kragujevac Gymnasium Offers You an Idea of this town’s former status. Then there are places just like the previous Foundry Museum, which highlights the town’s transition into an industrial heart. Do not overlook the October at Kragujevac Memorial Park and Museum, a monument to the mass implementation of 2,778 Serb men and boys by the Nazis in WWII.

    Getting there: Although you will find buses that produce the two-hour journey to Kragujevac from Belgrade, their time can make a day trip hard. best day trips from Belgrade.


    Merely a quick vacation from Belgrade, Smederevo was once the capital of Serbia. That history is closely tied to this town’s principal appeal, Smederevo fortress. Before the Ottoman job, Smederevo Fortress had been the funding of Serbia for a couple of decades in the 15 century. Remember to stroll along the fortress walls and visit the last remnants of this court, windows that featured glass all of the way in Murano, Venice.

    To find out more on the topic of the city, go over to the City Museum of Smederevo, at which there are several floors of medieval fragments and Roman artifacts. On Republic Square at the town center, you’ll come across the curved facade of the town Hall and different conservative architecture.

    Getting there: Routine buses traveling from Belgrade into Smederevo, taking 1 hour 15minutes to get there. As an alternative, you can create an end on the best day trips from Belgrade.

    Studenica Monastery

    Even the Serbian Orthodox religion is actually a major region of the nation’s culture and history, along with one of its holiest landmarks is your Studenica Monastery. Builtin 1196, this monastery would go on to become closely correlated with two of Serbia’s most beloved saints. Grand Prince Stefan Nemanja, who would become a saint the monastery assembled, though his son goes on to turn into the best day trips from Belgrade.

    In the monastery, people will visit just two churches, one which contains the grave of Stefan Nemanja. No wonder that well-preserved monastery was realized by UNESCO as a world heritage milestone. Around 6km far from the monastery, there’s actually a hermitage for monks that has been built into a pond. While a hike, and accessed only by a narrow bridge, then it really is well worth the best day trips from Belgrade.

    Finding there: Using little from the way of public transport or tours, the sole realistic alternative for attaining the Studenica Monastery out of Belgrade is to drive yourself there.

    Timișoara, Romania

    Romania really isn’t far from Belgrade, so why not have the chance to visit one of those country’s most vibrant cities,» Timișoara. The town in the far west of Romania is best known for just two entities: protests from 1989 that would result in the Romanian Revolution and its outstanding structure. Commence your visit away from the iconic sight that’s the town’s Orthodox Metropolitan Cathedral. In the palace, choose a walk through the fairly Piaţa Victoriei and admire the noble buildings like Dauerbach Palace that sew it. The best day trips from Belgrade .

    There you get brightly colored buildings just like the Brück household and Episcopal Palace that make it evident the town was regularly nicknamed»Little Vienna.» Suppose you have some time over to the Museum of the Romanian Revolution in 1989 and also learn more about this pivotal point in Romania’s recent history.

    Getting there: The single drawback to per daily visit to Timisoara is the fact that driving there clearly was your sole workable solution, with best day trips from Belgrade.

    Obedska Bara

    Of the different natural destinations within this particular list, likely the very most renowned is Obedska Bara nature reserve. Even a huge area of swamp and wetlands,» Obedska Bara was produced by changes at the duration of the Sava River that flows nearby. Launched as being a nature book in 1874, it’s certainly one among the planet’s oldest nature reserves and just two years young compared to Yellowstone National Park.

    What brings best day trips from Belgrade is your reserve’s diversity of fauna and flora. Obedska Bara is particularly known for the birdlife, with about 220 distinct species of bird calling that this swamp home. The opposing aspect of the park’s beauty is its plant life, which includes several types of water lilies and orchids, one of its wealth of aquatic flora.

    Getting there: It’s potential to bring a-1 1/2 hour bus journey from Belgrade into the village of Obrež, only to the border of Obedska Bara nature book.

    All those are most of the places within reach of Belgrade, which make for great day trips. Now it is merely a matter of selecting which one of these destinations will best day trips from Belgrade.


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